EdLights Analytics provides a complete K-12 market intelligence solution that leverages over 5 million data points to provide educational publishers and companies with a clear and relevant picture of the K-12 market. Fueled by analytics, EdLights offers the first data-centric analyst platform for strategic sales planning, mobile rep prospecting tools, sales playbooks and market intelligence reports, consulting, and quality leads and email lists.

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1000 365 $3,500.00


In the summer of 2015, K12 Data acquired EdLights from the Silicon Valley company Junyo. The initial development team included the co-founder and first employee of Zynga; executives from nationally recognized e-learning and publishing companies; and former teachers and district leaders. From it’s inception and up through now, we at K12 Data echo the driving passion of improving how schools teach and students learn.

As the first step in our mission to enhance the individual learning process, the EdLights platform harnesses the data we are capturing about the US educational marketplace to provide you a clearer picture of the K-12 market. By providing an unprecedented gateway into the data and insight that influences educational sales, we empower you to understand district and school needs, connect with K-12 decision makers in a smarter manner, and deliver the right learning content and resources to students at the right time.


With EdLights, you build and execute strategies that identify your top prospects, generate more productive leads, and maximize your sales as well as your time.


  • 50 million K12 data points assembled into one place and accessed by one login
  • 60 data sources on K12 funding, performance, demographics and more
  • Rich visualizations & unparalleled data views
  • Customizable detailed reports to save & download
  • 10,000 excel exports of school & district building information included 
  • Far exceeds MDR's MarketView & Agile's DataExploder
  • Full 12-month subscription, full US


EdLights Mobile is designed specifically for use by K-12 field sales reps and provides anytime access to essential district and school market intelligence. Imagine the power of having new district funding data, building performance, and community demographics, all delivered to you on your mobile phone while on the road. Affordable and easy to navigate, Mobile is an essential market intelligence tool for winning K-12 sales teams.


EdLights Mobile is the world's first K-12 market intelligence product specifically designed for the needs, budgets and mobility requirements of busy K-12 sales reps, as well as other sales and marketing teams.


  • K12 market intelligence from your mobile device
  • Search across 18,500+ districts, 103,500+ schools
  • GPS location mapping and addressing
  • Run detailed searches in a matter of clicks
  • Deep demographic, performance, and community information