• 97% email deliverability
  • 100% compiled by us
  • .15 cents per contact or less
  • 96% repeat clientele
  • US Vet Owned Business

Featured Customers

K12 Data Inc. is one of the fastest growing sources of education data in United States
  • 100% Compiled by our company (CCPA Compliant)
  • Over 4.0 Million Contacts Pre K-12 in the USA
  • 47 Data Points offered for each record Including Email
  • Unlimited-use. Load into your crm & Email
  • 96% of our clients are repeat customers
  • US Veteran Owned Business

K12 Data® is the better solution to create, compile, order, and use K-12 educational email lists.

Our inception:  We launched K12 Data, January 1st, 2012. At the time, we started with a handful of states and roughly 250k contacts. Since then we have grown to have a very tight k-12 email list company with over 3.2 million educators by email. It all starts fabulously with our team of 25, most of which are behind the scenes hand-compiling public information, aggregating it, and wrapping it up in a nice platform for our end users. Over 95% of our customers return to purchase with us again and I believe it is because we have always put our customers first. We are a great company to work with.

From Principal Email Lists to Superintendent Email Lists and Beyond

Principal email lists and superintendent email lists are a dime a dozen (almost) and it is not difficult to compile this information. That’s why there are so many so-so companies that offer these limited job titles. However, K12 Data offers these titles and 391 other K-12 education titles by email. Here’s a look at our robust education database:  https://k12-data.com/K12_data_card.pdf We continually update our lists and perform daily hygiene. Our clients see an average 98% email deliverability on their K12 email lists. The difference is in the quality, price, and automated delivery of our education email lists.

Quality Teacher Email Lists in Minutes

We invented the Build A List platform (2011) so our customers could build superior education email marketing lists and import the school and district contact information into their CRM in minutes. There are no back and forth phone calls for counts and pricing. Our clients get the school contact data in real-time, and launch their education email marketing efforts at their leisure. Whether you are simply buying a small superintendent email list, a principal email list, or any other k-12 email list from our huge database of education job titles, you are in good hands. K12 Data helps you build the foundation of your education database with updated contact information and we make the process simple and friction free. 

School Email Lists and the Value to You

At K12 Data we started compiling our K-12 marketing lists in late 2010. Our team of data compilers research school contact information from public sources and aggregate the data for you. Let us do the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on the other integral parts of your business. Our education database stands out in a crowded field of other school email list and district email list compilers. There are a lot of companies that claim to have great school data, however chances are, they are resellers or offshore companies selling marginal data at best. Don't get caught in this trap. There are less than three companies in the k-12 email leads space that are legitimate and K12 Data is one of them.

We are the Compiler not the Reseller

There is a big difference. Our team at K12 Data, compiles 100% of our database. We do not use or resell information provided by other list companies. At the same time we do provide accurate school & district email lists for companies like:  ExactData, InfoUSA, ListGiant, ZoomInfo, DataaxleUSA, Seamless.ai, and many others. Our K-12 marketing lists stand apart and help our customers shine. 

We Provide a Full Spectrum of Quality Education Email Lists with Hundreds of Job Titles

Here are just a few of our K-12 contacts by email from School Districts to Schools:  School Databases, School Mailing Lists, Principal Email Lists, District Email Lists, College Email Databases, College Email Lists and all of these other lists:  Superintendent Email Lists, District Business Personnel Email Lists, Athletic Directors Email Lists, Building and Grounds Contacts, Transportation Administrators, Curriculum Directors, Federal Programs and Guidance Administrators, Directors Of Food Services, Directors of Library Services, Special Education Coordinators, Directors of Technology, Information Technology, Instructional Technology, Health Services, Assistant Principals, Deans, School Principals, Teacher Email Lists, Elementary Teachers, Middle School Teachers Email Lists, High School Teachers Email Lists, K-12 Lists, K12 Email Lists, K12 Prospects, Pre-K and Early Childhood Contacts, Business and Vocation Tech Teachers, Curriculum and Academic Titles, STEM, STEAM, ELA, English Language Arts Email Lists, Foreign & World Languages, ELL, ESL, Guidance Counselors Email Lists, Chairs, School Librarians Email Lists, Library Services and Media Center Personnel, Art and Music Teachers Email Lists, Nurses Email Lists, Health Services, PE and Physical Education, Science Teachers, AP Titles, Social Studies, Social Sciences, Special Education, Special Education professionals, Career Education, PTA, PTO, Cafeteria Staff, Safety and Security, Buildings & Grounds, Technical Communications, Engineering, and many other Education Job Titles. Quality Education Data that is the Exact Data you are looking for. Don't just settle for any K-12 Email List Provider. Since 2012 K12 Data has been a leading source for providing up to date xlsx and csv files in the US school market.

Our Team

Almost all of our 25 employees have been with us since our inception in 2012. This nis an important attribute that contributes to the overall success of what we offer to our clients. When you have a great group of people that enjoy coming to the office each day, that sets the tone of everything to follow- a great small business with a customer centric focus. Call or email me directly anytime:  https://k12-data.com/contact

Wrapping it all up

K12 Data is the Simple Choice. Simply Great Educator Email Lists, Simply Priced, and offered to you for over 11 years. Make your next K12 email list of leads viable and well-priced. We are the easiest education database company to work with. Our data quality is unmatched, our pricing is unmatched, and our service is unmatched. We are a great small business and we are veteran owned. Build Your List today:  https://k12-data.com/custom_databases and see how simple it is to compile a quality education email database today.

Charlie Isham
CEO, K12 Data Group


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