K12 Data Inc. is one of the fastest growing sources of education data in United States
  • Over 4.0 Million Contacts Pre K-12 in the USA
  • Updated Weekly and single sourced by our team
  • 47 Data Points offered for each record Including Email
  • Unlimited-use for 12 Months and no minimum orders
  • Priced Well Below industry with no additional charges or fees
  • Super Customer Service. 96% of our clients are repeat customers

K12 Data™ is the better solution to create, compile, order, and use K-12 educational lists.

With K12 Data, you build your own list from continually updated data. Get your file in 1-2 minutes. Use your data for 12 months with no limitations. All with simple, affordable pricing.

So make the simple choice. Get away from dead-end data that’s expensive and complex to order and use. Try K12 Data, and learn how effective and easy list ordering can be.

K12 Data. The simple choice.

Customer Feedback

  • "We have used/use K12 Data's lists in our email campaigns and are very pleased with the results. Segmentation options make e-list selection quick and easy. Because the file is up-to-date and clean, it works!"



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