5 Outside-the-Box Principal Email List Growth Ideas

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5 Outside-the-Box Principal Email List Growth Ideas

5 Outside-the-Box Principal Email List Growth Ideas


Your principal email list is one of your most valuable commodities. It allows you to reach individual professionals while using automated processes to simplify the outreach effort. You can talk to hundreds or thousands of readers with a few words and your preferred distribution platform.


A K-12 email list needs growth to stay healthy. Although several traditional methods can help this process get started, an innovative approach is often necessary once interest starts tapering.


Here are some ways to step outside the box to keep your principal email list growing.


1. Use Paper Signups for your Principal Email Lists

You don’t need high-tech options to help your K12 email list start growing. If you’ve got some paper and a pencil or pen, you can have individuals give you their information without being online. The best way to have a successful experience is to be clear about the benefits of joining while making the opt-in language precise.


2. Build Lists Through an App

Several apps are available to create lists and transfer information to other databases. This option allows a principal to enter their contact info quickly on mobile devices, which is helpful when the day is packed with school-related responsibilities. [[1]]


3. Add Share Buttons

A principal email list contact focuses on distributing useful content to readers. That emphasis often overlooks the opportunity to let others share what you’ve sent out for consideration. Adding a “Join List” or “Share” button to your outreach efforts will make it easier to build a growth foundation. [[2]]


4. Use Lead-Gen Landing Pages

Social media platforms deliver a powerful tool that makes building a school email list a straightforward effort. You can build relationships through one-on-one conversations to encourage educators to join. The goal is to transition those fans and followers to your site and marketing efforts, which a lead-generation landing page can do. [[3]]


This process includes running lead-gen ads across several social media platforms to ensure more principals can see your message and decide if they want to join.


5. Change the Online Signup Form

Getting caught up in a routine with your principal email lists is easy. The issue is that when the same approach isn’t getting results, you’ve got to change things. Most websites use pop-ups to encourage signups, but several additional options are worth considering.


  • Flyouts are similar to pop-ups, but they slide into view instead of appearing. The primary benefit is that they allow principals to continue browsing your website. [[4]]
  • Banners are an option that can be placed at the top or bottom to encourage visitors to join your list.
  • Inline solutions work well if you have frequent readers or lots of visits to your landing pages. [[5]]


The goal of your principal email list growth efforts should go beyond total numbers. You want people who are genuinely interested in what you offer because that desire leads to engagement and sales opportunities. These ideas can help you avoid becoming stagnant.

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