A Leadership Focus Helps a Superintendent Email List Grow

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A Leadership Focus Helps a Superintendent Email List Grow

A Leadership Focus Helps a Superintendent Email List Grow


Today’s superintendents face numerous challenges. Although the priority is to create high-quality learning environments for students, several daily challenges create environments where everything from community politics to employee retention becomes temporary priorities.


With unpredictable stressors and a results-based process that must be followed, many superintendents look for leadership insights to help them grow.


When your superintendent email list can provide this foundation, it will attract more people and school districts to what you offer.


How to Create a Leadership Focus in the K-12 Market

Many of today’s leaders take an old-school approach to their schedules. They go to bed earlier and get up before the rest of the world. That doesn’t mean superintendents need to get up around 4 am, but they need time to do something for themselves.


When leaders wake up in the quiet of the morning, that environment helps to set the tone for their day.


Here are some other ways to encourage your superintendent email list to focus on leadership.


Strengthen Your Focus

Staying focused isn’t easy in a world of distractions. Even if you turn off notifications and lock the office door, there is only so much energy available during the day. The average person has an attention span of only 14 minutes. [[1]]


Encourage your superintendents to work on this skill by implementing the following options whenever possible.


  • Stop multitasking and focus on one task at a time, even during the busiest days. [[2]]
  • Create places where you can have some privacy, and include the occasional break.
  • Take stock of the current mental focus to see where it can start growing.


Offer MIT Lists

Superintendents look for valuable items to help them with their schedules. One of those assets is an MIT checklist. MIT stands for “most important tasks.” This resource could be a free download or part of a content series sent to the email lists. Encourage your readers to review the top three items to focus on and how the work will get done with them. [[3]]


Stop the Information Overload

Information is knowledge, but your superintendent email list needs you to be as focused on your content as they are on their job duties. Don’t bombard your subscribers with an endless stream of info, even if it is valuable. [[4]]


When people absorb lots of data in a short time, their emotions can become overwhelming. Studies repeatedly show that a person’s prefrontal cortex decides to stop working. Be precise with your content to counter this issue.


It’s Not About Popularity

A quote from Michael Scott in The Office goes like this: “I need to be liked, but it’s not as important as the need to be praised.” We all want to be liked, but popularity is less important than results for superintendents. Give them the tools to help put their school districts on a growth path. [[5]]


Consistent information on a regular schedule helps a superintendent email list grow. Think about how to help them be better leaders, then structure your content around that emphasis to produce results.


Thank you- Charlie Isham, CEO K12 Data

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