Are Bullet Points Effective When Marketing to School Mailing Lists?

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Are Bullet Points Effective When Marketing to School Mailing Lists?

Are Bullet Points Effective When Marketing to School Mailing Lists?

Business writing should be organized and precise. Teachers and other educational professionals don’t have much time to review marketing emails, so your goal should be to get straight to the point.

One way to accomplish that goal involves strategically using bullet points with your email marketing efforts.

A good bullet point list emphasizes the critical information you want readers to see in the email. You’re trying to attract the attention of someone who scans the content for relevant information so that you can communicate more efficiently. [[1]]

Although bullet points are effective, they can also be used too often. When the latter outcome occurs, the style detracts from the email. How can the reader know what information is essential if everything is emphasized? [[2]]

What Are the Rules for Using Bullet Points in Emails?

The first rule about using bullet points is that you don’t need to use the same geometric shape to emphasize a sentence, statement, or thought. [[3]]

You can create a numbered list that organizes your thoughts or information. When you use that approach, the reader automatically assumes that the first item is the most important one to see. Here’s an example.

How Should I Use Bullet Points Today?

1.     Ensure every item on your bulleted list is related to one another.

2.     Keep the same margin and font width formatting for the entire list.

3.     A bullet point is better when it is only one line long, but don’t go over three lines.

4.     All items should begin with a similar part of speech to ensure a parallel design.

5.     Emphasize the first item in the list, even if it isn’t numbered, to engage the reader.

6.     Using periods is appropriate if the line is a complete sentence.

The biggest mistake email marketers make when interacting with school mailing lists is failing to follow up after the bulleted list. Once you’ve grabbed the reader’s attention, you want to hit them with an important point.

When Should I Use Numbers Over Neutral Bullet Points?

In the example above, you’ll find six points to think about in a bulleted list. Anything that you’d emphasize in that manner with at least five points should use numbers because it’s easier for the reader to manage the information. [[4]]

A neutral option is your better choice if you have three or four items for a bulleted list. The goal is to convey information quickly so that this content block can be rapidly identified and scanned for relevance.

Bullet points should not be used if you’re to make a point in your content sent to a school mailing list. Humans often believe that what each of us thinks about is apparent to others. When you’re making an argument, the train of thought that feels logical to you will only seem valuable to 3% or less of your readers. [[5]]

Bullet points in a short email message should be kept to a tiny block. Anything more will overwhelm the piece. That means you’ve got one shot to emphasize your value proposition.

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