Business to Education During A Crisis

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Business to Education During A Crisis

Business to Education During A Crisis

What Educators Need Now More Than Ever

As the Coronavirus crisis continues across the world, it is time for businesses to learn how to handle a crisis, and how to help their educators continue to function throughout the world. As the virus continues to escalate, there are more and more school closures and more school districts that need assistance. This is what businesses in k-12 marketing should be doing. 

Reach Out

K-12 marketing businesses need to reach out to educators. A quick phone call to current clients in the education sector can be wonderful for the current state of the client, and for future relationships. Those with experience in education can provide helpful advice, such as curriculum options for learning from home. 


K-12 marketing experts can also provide useful resources for educators. They can give them advice on apps that are available for purchase, other companies that provide homeschooling products and much more. 

Offer Support

Remind both new and old clients that they have support during this time. Reach out via email or phone to educators to inform them that you know how stressful this time can be, and assure them that if they need anything they have your support. Educators will need additional materials, devices, tech support and more during this time. It can be helpful to know that they have someone in the k-12 marketing sector to provide assistance. 

Provide Resources

More than anything, people, including educators, are scrambling for resources during this time. As a person in the k-12 marketing sector, you probably know more than enough about educational resources. Send a good-natured email informing current clients of educational resources that they might find helpful, even if they are not making your business money. Examples include: 

  • - Sales on devices, such as tablets
  • - Cheaper alternatives to devices, such as Android-based tablets instead of IPads
  • - Learning apps
  • - Learning materials, or websites/companies that sell learning materials
  • - Ideas for online-based curriculum

A simple email reaching out to provide educational resources is a great way to stay in contact with clients, and help them if they are uncomfortable reaching out for assistance. K-12 marketing agencies can also utilize this time to drop the prices on some of their own products to help educators find affordable options. 


It’s important that businesses try to be helpful during this time. Those that are only highlighting their own products will come off as pushy and opportunistic. 

Social Media Content

Most businesses that specialize in K-12 marketing are ramping up their social media efforts after the initial contact is made to avoid shoving their products in educator’s faces. It’s important to respect how much they have to address at this time, and a slew of promotional emails is the last thing that they either want or need. 


When companies promote themselves on social media, it gives educators and parents the opportunity to find their products themselves, which is a better idea than launching a marketing campaign at an already overwhelmed crowd. 

Develop, Develop, Develop

Now, more than ever, those in the K-12 education sector need to speed up the developing process. Products that were set to be launched months from now are needed more than ever now that students are hunkered down at home and parents are taking over educating their children. Technology-based products and those that are designed for additional help at home are desperately needed. Once they are developed, skip the marketing campaign and release them via a social media or online approach instead. 

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