Clear, Grammatically Correct Writing

Clear, Grammatically Correct Writing

The quality of your writing matters. Poor writing can prevent readers from understanding your message. No you don’t have to be Shakespeare, but you do need a firm grasp of the English language, or whichever language you’re writing in.

After all, you’re talking to education professionals. They can spot a run-on sentence from a page away. And you’d better believe they know where the commas go. If your email is full of mistakes, they’re likely to focus on those rather than on your message.

Poor writing also makes you seem less trustworthy. If you couldn’t put in the effort to write a mistake-free marketing email, how hard are you really working on your product or service?

Strive for short, clear sentences. Use language suitable to your subject. If you’re writing to Kindergarten teachers, but you sound like a college textbook, they’re going to suspect that you don’t really understand their needs.

If possible, hire a professional copywriter to draft your email copy. If that’s outside your budget, you can at least use grammar checking software. Both Microsoft Word and Google Docs come with built-in spelling and grammar checkers, and so do many email distributors. So there’s really no excuse for mistakes.

Of course, computer programs can’t catch everything. That’s why it’s essential to have at least one other person review your email before you hit send. A fresh pair of eyes will spot issues that you’ve gone blind to.

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