Creating A K-12 Pandemic Marketing Campaign

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Creating A K-12 Pandemic Marketing Campaign

Creating A K-12 Pandemic Marketing Campaign

As the year marches on, Covid-19 continues to march across the globe. It seems to take a break sporadically and then continues on its path of destruction. If you haven’t already, now is the time to create a pandemic marketing campaign. This campaign will be fine-tuned as the months go on, but it will serve you for the rest of the school year. There are key elements that every campaign needs to address in order to be effective.

Problems Educators Are Facing

Sending out cold emails regarding technology is not going to be enough. Instead, marketing teams need to acknowledge the problems that school districts are facing, and they need to show how their products will solve that problem.


One key problem that teachers struggled with at the end of the year was that parents had difficulty using new platforms, such as Google Classroom. If you have a virtual classroom that is easy to use, now is the time to market it.


Another one is that school districts found that many parents had a hard time finding the time to both work and teach their children. In this situation, programs and apps that are easy for children to use is the ultimate solution. It lets the child take more control of the learning and it is minimal that parents have to do, providing more time for parents that are working full time. Got a learning app? Market it as the latest thing as soon as possible.


Other key problems that educators are going to be facing this school year include:

-       Implementing social distancing measures

-       Children switching classes for specials, such as music, art and physical education (movies and apps can help with this problem)

-       Remote learning

-       Technology

-       The need for take-home worksheets for extra practice has increased

If you have an app, etc. that can help educators, send out an email stating that you understand the problem and how your product can help solve it.

Be Understanding

Your pandemic marketing campaign needs be sympathetic to educators. They are under a lot of pressure and understandably frustrated amidst the pandemic. The last thing that educators will want is a pushy salesman that does not listen to them. Now is the time to be sympathetic, empathetic, and offer an ear if needed. The more understanding you can be, the better your marketing campaign will be.

Be Relatable

Instead of a quick sentence about knowing how hard things are, strike up a conversation that makes you relatable to educators. If your company has struggled to implement social distancing restrictions, had a hard time with a product, or had limited technology available, share your story. Educators will appreciate feeling genuinely understood as they go through this crisis.


Having a pandemic focused marketing campaign will give education marketing teams a key edge against marketing teams that do not. The key focus of a pandemic marketing campaign should be addressing the problems that educators currently face, or will face in the future, and how they will be solved.

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