Determining Your Target Audience: Things to Consider

Determining Your Target Audience: Things to Consider

Determining Your Target Audience: Things to Consider

I know this sounds very rhetorical, but in order for a company to be successful, they need to reach the correct prospects. For example, if a marketing campaign for infant products does not appeal to mothers, who usually do most of the shopping for babies, the marketing campaign will not be successful. Marketing in the education sector needs to appeal to your target audience, and you need to make sure that your products appeal to the people that you are reaching out to. Taking these things into consideration will increase your sales during your next marketing campaign. Don't take for granted that the elementary school you are planning to visit has a large ELL population. It might not be worth a visit or there might be a better school to visit down the street. 


Technology Usage or Text Adoption?

If your products involve technology, it’s important to consider how the schools in the area are using technology. Some schools are now paperless schools that do not use textbooks or paper, but other schools still rely on textbooks as teaching materials. Products need to synch perfectly with what the school is already doing. Also, consider what opportunities might be had in terms of competitive or non-competitive grant funding to build your products into. Is the school part of a larger state or district textbook adoption or do they make site-based purchasing decisions for their texts/content?


There Areas That Need Improvement

Knowing a school is the key to successfully selling to a school. Granted, companies are in business to make a profit, but that can’t be what the business is all about. It should also be to help the customer or the school in this case. Before reaching out to a school, try looking up the district online. This can give you an inside look into what they are trying to improve on, such as reading or math, giving you more insight into what products will help them achieve their goals. When you envision what success will look like to that school, you will know what products will help them.


The Importance of Demographical Data/Information

 If your products are for a specific area, such as improving reading testing scores, this is a way to further narrow down your target audience to improve sales. Using good demographic data is invaluable. The amount of information you have about the school buildings, their "parent" district, and the composition of the student body, is incredibly valuable. Not only does it validate your visit but it also shows the prospect that you are familiar with their school's situation and possible needs. It's a good idea to come equipped with knowledge about your customer along with the right product. K12 Data includes a lot of demographical data on our files and it is included. 


Previous Purchasers

There is nothing wrong with looking at previous customers and seeing what worked. This is often preferred over starting from scratch. Look at the demographics and figures for current and previous customers. Analyze the data, and see what they all have in common. This might not paint a complete picture for your target audience, but it will give you a wonderful start to determining who they are.


Determining your target audience is the key element to success. When you develop a marketing campaign, knowing your target audience will help you spend time on hot leads, generate more sales and instantly propel your company into success. K-12 marketing is one of the hardest sectors, but knowing your target audience will help you make a name for yourself.

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