Educating During Covid-19

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Educating During Covid-19

Educating During Covid-19

If there is one thing that can be said about the coronavirus, it’s that it came on quick. Too quick for most people and businesses to be prepared for it. This has led to educators scrambling to fill in the gaps so that children can receive the same quality education that they previously did. During this crisis, it’s important to remember a few things, and there are key things that marketers can do to keep their sales up.

Technology Is Winning

Google Classroom has quickly taken the place of a traditional classroom, schools are lending out iPads and Mac Books and learning games are being used as supplemental materials. If you have a client that is already more technologically inclined than the others, there is a great chance that they are using these methods for teaching. 


Now is the time for marketers to reach out to those districts regarding new learning materials, a sale on iPads or other tablets and inform them of the latest products. Most districts do not have ample supplies for all their students, and you can sell a lot to a school if they are at a great price. 

Homeschool Materials Still Count

The number of students that are switching over to being homeschooled is higher than ever before. If your business sells homeschool materials or educational materials that can be used in a homeschool setting, it’s their time to shine. These are great for homeschoolers, and most people that have recently switched to homeschooling don’t have the same opportunities to purchase supplies at a brick and mortar store that they would have months ago. Push these materials during an online email campaign and watch the online sales rise. 

Maintain Relationships

It’s always nice to hear a happy voice and have a person or business check in on you, but it’s especially important now more than ever. Reach out to current clients to see if they have special needs, such as needing more learning materials for students. Even if educators do not need assistance, they will remember you reaching out to them during this crisis. 

Content Is Key

Parents, educators and all the people on your email list need direction to properly educate their students or children. It’s important to use content in emails campaigns and letters carefully. Instead of shooting to sell products, now is the time that businesses need to try to help their clients. Even if they do not make a purchase, they will remain loyal and enjoy the valuable information that you have provided. This means that you are more likely to hear from them in the future. 


The Coronavirus Pandemic has ripped through the world at lightning speed, leaving many businesses scrambling to adjust. Instead of letting it force yours to close, use this as an opportunity to truly come together with your clients to increase sales, strengthen relationships and guarantee that you have loyal customers for years to come. If you are genuinely trying to help your clients, you won’t fail. 

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