Education Marketing: The Latest Trends

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Education Marketing: The Latest Trends

Education Marketing: The Latest Trends

Education marketing, also known as K-12 marketing, is one of the most challenging target audiences to market to. Because of this, strategies continue to evolve in order to guarantee clients a successful campaign, even if their target audience is in the education sector. The latest trends are helping businesses across the globe succeed with their products.

Expanding the Target Audience

For decades, education marketing has primarily focused on district leaders and the men in suits. This approach makes sense as they are the ones that sign the order forms, but students should never be forgotten. New techniques are including the students in the target audience. If the people using the product are not happy with it, the individuals that signed that order form will have to deal with it. Successful k-12 campaigns focus on the entire market, from the people that sign the order form to the people that use the product.

Include Instagram

Social media campaigns previously focused on platforms such as Facebook to entice new clients, but that is also changing. Now, businesses are utilizing a variety of platforms, including Instagram, to reach out to their clients. Instagram remains popular due to the impact this social media platform has on the younger generation. Remember, if the students using the product love it, schools are more likely to sign that contract year after year.

Engagement and Support

Previous education campaigns focused on lead generation. There was a proven system: lead generation, warm up the lead, and then close the deal. This was enough for people to get their foot in the door and close the deal.

That simple process is no longer enough to keep clients coming back. New campaigns are finding success in providing additional engagement and support to their clients, and their prospective clients. New leads that receive follow-up emails often feel that they will have the same engagement and support after purchasing a product, and that is something that clients are leaning towards.

Be Real

Authenticity has taken over successful K-12 marketing campaigns. The market is consistently cluttered with traditional salesman trying to sell a product. Leads have grown accustomed to a sales pitch being delivered. In a market that is chock full of black business suits, you want to be the navy-blue blazer with a smile. You need to stand out.

Authenticity is the way to do just that. Millennials appreciate authenticity, leads will build trust, and marketing campaigns have more potential than ever before with this single tip. If a product is going to be a horrible idea for one age group, tell them. If it had a few bugs and they can find complaints online, tell them, and then tell them how the problems were solved. It might seem counterproductive, but the honest approach will produce more sales than cold calls ever have.

K-12 marketing strategies continue to evolve as the market changes. When one strategy is ineffective, marketing experts search to find new ones. No one can afford to take a break from k-12 marketing, and no one can afford to pass up the chance to utilize the latest marketing trends either.

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