Email List Growth for a Mammoth 5 Digit Growth

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Email List Growth for a Mammoth 5 Digit Growth

The Secret to Email Marketing List Growth for a Mammoth 5 Digit Growth  

An Email list is a quantitative measure of your brand’s followership and audience reach.  Growing an email list is not tough anymore. Today you have many vibrant options to grow it like a pro, including using us, K12 Data.

Having a useful list is very critical as even in this social media, email marketing gives a Return on Investment (ROI) of more than 35 times the investment. So the first take away from here is to understand that we shouldn’t take this thing in a core quantitative manner. Quality should also be considered and that needs a bit of doing. We are going to cover some really effective ways which you can develop a really “meaningful” email list that you can use anytime to find a good number of purchases and leads for your business. Stay tuned.

1. Social Media Posts

Social media is the best way to establish a trusted relationship with your potential customers. Here, you can lure consumers into signing up for on landing page, and this way you can grow your email list.

Today, Instagram is one of the most attractive content sharing platforms for both consumers and businesses. Here, despite the awesome social influence that you can create, you have the flexibility to schedule posts, tag products, upload short videos, promote your products, etc. Custom hashtags can make it easy for people to find your brand too. However, you can’t include links in your posts on Instagram. So you can include your email signup link in your Instagram bio. When you upload content, mention every time that the link is present in your bio. The same is the way to benefit from Facebook and Twitter all depends on your business type. Nevertheless, don’t forget to Use A/B testing to figure out which platform gives you the most email signups.

2. Referral Programs, Giveaways, and Sweepstakes

If you give incentives, you can attract at least over half of your customers to refer people to your brand. Make a sound referral strategy that offers discount coupons, cash rewards, and bonus points for extra active participants.

Over 75% of people like to buy a new product if any of their friends or family members suggested it to them. This seems true as most of your current customers are also a product of such suggestions, thanks to your marketing efforts. On the other hand, 95% of people take no time to share a giveaway or sweepstakes, if you are promoting a contest on social media. That means referral marketing is a trusted source to promote new businesses or services. Influencer marketing is also a derivative of this.

Contests are also an easy way to engage. Over 62% of your visitors prefer to share the contest with a friend to get extra entries. Plus, they can lead to engagement rates of up to 5.8% and conversion rates of almost 34%. People need to sign-up before they indulge in such activities and here you go. The job is done for you. The best part is, the only cost here is what you’re giving away and what you put into the marketing campaigns, which means higher ROI.

3. Using Videos to Engage and Communicate

Videos are a new normal. Every eight in ten businesses use them to grow their business. More than 90% of email-users admit that they share videos they like. Giving the subject awareness is one of the most promising ways to get likely customers. And, videos are the most consumed content type on social media these days which means they are an effective tool to ace any subject and, hence, its related market. Your product or service is also just another subject. When you provide valuable information to the consumers in a specific context, chances are great that they will follow you. In a world where video consumption is doubling every year, this is very little investment to earn a huge engagement.

Video marketing has two basic distinctions: one-off videos on a specific purpose AND a series of videos (mostly How-To ones). One-off videos make it easy to pick any topic in a niche and post it to establish emotional contact with your audience and ask them to sign up. You can make a creative video to inform them that, if they sign up, they will be updated regularly about coming updates and new arrivals. Placing the videos on your website and directing the visitors to sign up is also a good strategy.

On the other hand, a how-to video series is one of the most promising tools to get followers. How? Because only those consumers get themselves involved in a whole series of videos, or a particular chunk of it, who actually have a stake in that subject. They, despite being possibly small in numbers, are worth it.

96% of online users have watched at least one explainer video (mostly a part of video series) to learn more about a product. Plus, a video series keeps your viewers engaged for longer periods allowing you more time to pop up your messages in between and make a subconscious presence in their minds. And the most refreshing stat is: more than 75% of viewers have purchased or downloaded software after watching a video about it. This is about software you can expect more or less the same numbers for your product/service as well.

Every follow-up action requires a sign-up or at least a contact, and that’s your ticket to millions of email addresses.  

Wrapping Up

When you want to grow your email list, the best thing you can do is to focus on reaching as many consumers as possible. But still, managing around the quality is also important.

You need creative and attractive marketing campaigns that stretch the boundaries of your current demographically optimized campaigns. Critical things to remember when you’re trying to grow your email list are:

  • Social media is the best platform to lure people into signing you up.
  • Gifts, incentives, giveaways, etc. are an easy way to attract people.
  • For successful campaigning, videos can’t be ignored anymore. A vibrant presence on YouTube is a must.
  • Patience and value adding are as important as any other thing.
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