Email Marketing: Advancements to Watch for in Future

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Email Marketing: Advancements to Watch for in Future

Email Marketing: Advancements to Watch for in Future


Today's consumers are generally selective individuals who can instantly recognize if the emails they are getting are fruitful or not. At once, they unsubscribe and the game is over for you.

They don’t hate you, as a matter of fact, but they don’t appreciate this constant nagging as well.

Promotional emails will still work, but the situation is evolving. Not only that you have to be smarter but also tech-savvy to keep yourself one step ahead of your competitors.

In fact, according to Statista, there will be 4.31 billion email users worldwide in 2023.

The key to ace this market, however, is to properly manage email campaigns so that real educational content reaches the consumers and serves the readers with helpful information on a hyper-personal level.

It’s become evident that Silicon tech is going to make an undeniable impact in the industry. On one hand, it will be facilitating users in filtering out generalized and one-size-fits-all emails, while on the other hand, it will allow you to make your campaigns hyper-focused and carrying real gold value.

Hence, the following tech-driven trends and advancements must be adopted ASAP to keep yourself relevant in the fast-evolving realm of email marketing.   

Machine Learning and AI have taken Personalization to Another Level.  


Email users’ preferences are changing robustly. They tend to look at promotional emails as time-wasters and spam, now with more aggression.

So, there is a need to make emails more personalized to make them stand out in this era of Consumers.

Personalization really matters.

Consumers want to feel like you actually care about their needs and preferences. They click on and respond only to the emails that are tailored to their immediate needs and current preferences. Just putting in their names and information about their recent searches doesn’t suffice.

As this is an era of competition also, powerful AI and Machine Learning solutions will be assisting marketers to extract the latest user data to take insights about their latest activities and needs.

Currently, the focus is on list-segmentation based on demographics and behavioral data.

But in the future, only finely segmented lists will not work until we take really unprecedented steps. You need to add a module that asks signees about their likes and dislikes before they sign up.

Yes, this will be at a cost of losing a share of subscribers as users will be reluctant to indulge in this relatively hectic sign-up process, but remember, 50 subscribers whom you know better are definitely worthier than 100s of those you don’t really know.

Another effective change could be to customize the emails in the design lines of the website the users are found to have liked.

Interactive Emails and Mobile Usability is Critical to Sustenance.

Interactive emails have got a huge potential to make email marketing productive more than ever.

Interactive messages - the usability of an email across all devices, will be the key to personalization and engagement power.

As of now, most emails are encumbered with Images-dominated and marathon blocks of text that make them absurd and difficult to scroll on a mobile device.

Either you make them easy to consume or users will find ways to block such emails.

Interactive email is like making an email look and function more like a website and easily scrollable and absorbable on mobile devices.

Already, email marketing is central to phone marketing strategies. Why won’t it be? After all, the #1 activity on smartphones is Reading Emails, and that too for a long time.

Quick Suggestions: Content and data need to be incorporated more dynamically, Storytelling has to be more compelling, and captivate better, the layout has to be more flexible, styling more engaging.

In the future, you can expect the emails to adopt these traits, and look and operate like their own mini web experiences. Also, it is imperative to think about including features like engaging videos, head-on calls, interactive 24/7 chats, quick on-email customer support, etc. to meet your marketing goals.

Tech companies are also constantly vying for ways to a more flexible user experience with emails. In the same lines, marketing experts believe that interactive emails will take marketing success by storm if carried out effectively.

Nevertheless, this is not a straight forward job as it seems: Accounting for smaller screens and effectively displaying emails in a mobile app will impact the decisions of template designing, email length, and call-to-action buttons, etc. Moreover, many other things need to be considered throughout the process.

The Email Automation Will Rule The Roost

Marketers will win when email automation becomes easily manageable.

Sending simple insights-driven, template-based emails is a matter of the past now. Marketers will move from here to adopt behavior-triggered emails and lead scoring.

About half the marketers are already using some form of marketing automation but, realistically speaking, email marketing and automation still need a significant amount of work to make a bang.

Post-2020 will bring one of the most awaited developments in email marketing and automation.

Automation is the gateway to innovation in email marketing. 

The DIY marketers are going to benefit from this automation trend the most due to which there is going to be much more representation of local and diverse talent in the industry.  

The latest and easy AI solutions will automate and improve many aspects of email campaigns’ planning and management.

From refining the lists to crafting emails, to selecting days and time for each individual, everything is going to be seriously automated.  

For example, A/B and multivariate tests have been an elaborate and time-consuming task, but now, AI can quickly perform all its modules. Moreover, we will be able to optimize sending-times and take personalization to another level based on demographics and predictive analysis thanks to advances in data sciences.

Compliance with GDPR and other evolving regulatory restrictions has also been tremendously complex, AI is also showing a lot of promise to be able to clinch it.

Wrapping up:

Making a closer and more personal relationship with your customers is now inevitable.

Email marketing is still generating the highest return on investment (ROI), $37 for every $1, for marketing teams. And it is not going anywhere at least in the next decade. With innovations coming fast, the ROI will make even bigger strides.

One of the most critical advancements so far is email automation, which is going to be a new normal, In fact, the new must for marketing strategies. Apart from other advantages, it’ll use machine learning to ensure that your readers are getting the right information at the right time.

All in all, the coming advancements are exciting and will definitely provide opportunities to attract more people to this profession.

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