Email Marketing to Schools and the Triangulated Approach

Email Marketing to Schools and the Triangulated Approach

Email Marketing to Schools and the Triangulated Approach

Years ago when I worked for Scholastic’s data marketing group, Quality Education Data, we had a great approach that I encourage companies to use and one that I employ myself- the triangulated approach. There are three simple steps:

Send an email to get things started. Email is incredibly inexpensive, depending on who you use for your k-12 email marketing lists. At our most expensive email starts at .15 cents per contact and goes down based on volume: What’s great about email is that it gets the word out almost instantaneously to hundreds or even tens of thousands of prospective customers. Obviously there are nuances to getting your message to the inbox and read but the outcomes of a decent send through a good, targeted principal email will likely have an ROI far greater than the cost of purchasing the education list and deploying to it.

Send your mail piece to the prospects that opened your email. Your K12 list of prospects from K12 Data will also include the full mailing address of the school or district contacts at those buildings. Follow your email campaign with a mail piece. The target has showed interest by interacting with your email now it’s time to further that offer in a piece of collateral. The great thing about this is that you are sending to warm leads rather than blowing a ton of money to cast a wide net of “media mail” pieces or hand stuffed and stamped envelopes. I have done the latter and it is a lot of work and money.

The call wraps up the third point of the triangulated approach. A lot of itchy-fingered sales reps will want the email open list from marketing so that they can start dialing for dollars- who can blame them and these are the reps you want to keep around. But there is a bit of concern when as a prospect you simply open an email and then someone immediately follows with another email or a call. It’s like you’re being monitored, which you are, and people don’t really care to have big bro watch your moves. I mean pretty much every large online retailer is already doing it as it is through analytics, but no need to announce your company as another set of prying eyes. So when the rep does initiate the call make sure they lead into the call with something more benign than “hey, I see you opened an email we sent…”


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-Charlie Isham, K12 Data Inc.

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