Email Tips pt. 2

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Email Tips pt. 2




Email programs and SPAM filters have become more sophisticated. 

  • The way you create your message can seriously impact its deliverability. 
  • If a message is captured in a SPAM filter it will still show as delivered on your tracking report – but in reality it won’t have delivered and you’ve impacted your response rates without even knowing it. 
  • You want the cleanest, most pure HTML code possible.
  • Ensure all of your coding has close tags – while open tags may render correctly on the web and in some email clients, open tags are the #1 cause of HTML messages being rendered incorrectly. ( with no - particularly watch for open table tags with no ) 
  • Strip all unnecessary code from the email – Dreamweaver and Frontpage both put comment tags and hidden programmer’s language. Strip this out. It can bea SPAM trigger as well as cause problems in rendering. (. Filters view this as Spam. 
  • Color and Fonts – It is always best to stay within the safe 6x6x6 color palette and use only standard fonts.
  • Avoid using multiple code fonts within a message.
  • Avoid using pixels to designate font size. Designate using points.
  • Large sized fonts are triggers regardless of how they are coded (using font sizes that are 2 + or bigger).
  • Avoid font colors gray, red, yellow, green, blue, magenta or “unknown” 
  • Thick borders – Avoid using a border size greater than 2.
  • Text to Image Ratios – Avoid creating messages that rely too heavily on graphics.
  • Untitled Documents – Make sure there is text in the “Title” field of the HTML code.
  • Background Colors – Avoid using background colors. HTML emails with non-white 
    backgrounds are SPAM triggers.
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