Five ideas for your next email marketing campaign

Five ideas for your next email marketing campaign


 Email marketing is best described as the foundational pillars of digital marketing. It has existed for decades now, and it is still waxing strong and relevant. It is one of the best digital marketing strategies to adopt all year round due to its high potential of increasing customer retention and revenue. In all, email marketing is a useful skill every marketer needs to be great at, to attain business success.

In 2018, email marketing ranked top over other forms of marketing techniques. This implies that businesses were able to use this method to obtain and retain more customers over time.

You are probably thinking about kickstarting your next email marketing campaign. But wait! Before you take any step further, here are five ideas that can boost your campaign effectiveness. You need these tips to streamline your marketing efforts and set yourself apart from the crowd of other email marketers. Be unique, and see the results when you apply the tips discussed below.

 Make it personal

I know you have probably heard of this tip “add the recipients first name with an automated placeholder.” Yeah, that works, but it is no longer as effective as it used to be. You need to improve on the way you talk to your prospects. Write each email you want to send out as if you were writing to a close pal or friend. Write in a conversational style while using casual language. If you try to be more personal, you might be able to build great connections more easily.

Add GIF to your email campaigns

Animated images are a great way to catch your reader’s attention and get them to go through the mail. You can use GIFs to highlight the critical aspects of your email and also to provide a visual component that most readers prefer. Keep spam scoring in the forefront of your mind when developing all email marketing pieces.

Add a little video content

By adding a video to your email campaign, you can give your email marketing a boost. Most marketers are already aware of this, but don’t know how to optimize it. The videos should be relevant to any aspect of your email content that you wish to emphasize. Keep them brief and on topic- an elevator pitch should come to mind.

 Improve your transactional emails

Transactional emails are emails that inform you of sign-up success or tell you your order has been shipped. Think Amazon here. You order something and you get updates on the delivery. You can make such additions to your overall marketing efforts and keep your readers more engaged with the overall ordering process and with your company. 

Bring back cart abandoners and stay connected

People abandon their cart for different reasons. You don’t have to start digging to find out why they left. You only need to devise strategies to bring them back in your next campaign. Great content and a friendly tone can make the difference. The fact is that, until they hear from you, hey may never come back. Many purchases take place when the customer has a need that day, that moment. They are likely to make the purchase based on what is front of mind. Make that your organization.

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