Finding the Right Email Service Provider (ESP).

Finding the Right Email Service Provider (ESP).

In the last blog: I discussed Throttling which is an important piece of a particularly challenging puzzle which is deploying emails to enhance your K12 email list and database marketing. Providing a quality lead list of school education contacts by email is what our company has focused on for over 11 years. Compiling quality education email lists and maintaining an email database of teachers, principals, superintendents, and 380 other school and district job titles and keeping the data clean and precise is an arduous job but deploying the emails to educators can be just as difficult. The first step is to identify the right company.

Purchase Quality Education Email Lists

As I alluded to before, purchasing an email list in bulk and sending to 100k or 1MM contacts 15 years ago was a regular event for many companies vying to promote their goods and services. Today sending out even 500 emails can be a daunting task. This is compounded by many factors including advanced spam controls employed by your recipients’ IT folks, Internet Service Providers (ISP) filtering and web blocking software, and just simply an inability to find a good ESP that is willing to send to 3rd party, purchased lists.

For the most part all most all ESPs are unwilling to allow you to load your purchased list into their platform regardless of how great of quality your newly acquired list is. The simple reason for this is that these deployment companies have invested a ton of money and manpower into their business. They are also staking their reputation, literally, when they roll the dice to let you load your list into their database. You see apart form all of the hardware, software, and talent that comprise their core business they also rely on purchased IP addresses that they are essentially leasing you to use and it’s critical to them that you are loading a quality K12 Database, k-12 email list into to keep their IPs safe from being blacklisted. Here is a super article on blacklisting:

Our School Email Marketing Lists Are Super Clean

If you have ever received the cursory emails from companies like MailMonkey that tell you that your list is garbage and you are going to be shut down, even without a human intervention, it is because they are extremely sensitive to having your deploy your lists through them. I call this a “speed bump”. They are trying to make sure your list is “your list” and it is as clean as possible before they put their IPs on the line. They are particularly cautious and the sirens begin to sound when you load a large quantity of say principal email addresses along side with your already cohesive and clean house file. You see, your house file you have been sending to through the monkey has been performing its own hygiene through the regular email deployments and now that you have added a bunch of new education email lists this cursory defensive mechanism takes place and you are “at risk of being shut down” by the chimp. However (and a big however), is that according to the DMA roughly 90% of the emails that go out each day in the US are from 3rd party list providers like K12 Data.

K12 Data's Principal Email Lists and Superintendent Email Lists

So if you find yourself having a conversation with one of these ESPs about where you received your list don’t panic. You might mention first off that it is your house file (since in reality it is yours, you purchased it). Then you should feel safe in knowing that you got the education email database of contacts through us at K12 Data. We compile 100% of the file ourselves, don’t use any data from outside sources, and we send to our file six days per week, perform daily hygiene based on the sends, and our customers can be assured that our school and district email address lists are probably cleaner than their own. If you want to get away from these conversations altogether then take a look into Clickback. They are familiar with the quality of our K-12 email lists and they also do not have an issue deploying to as many K12 Data education email lists as you can load:  Tell them we sent you.

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