How To Connect To Your Audience In K-12 Email Marketing Campaigns

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How To Connect To Your Audience In K-12 Email Marketing Campaigns

A successful email marketing campaign relies on connecting to your target audience, which in this case, would be the K-12 field. If your recipients do not feel a connection, they may not be interested in your emails. The following tips can help you connect to the audience in your K-12 email marketing campaign.

Be Mindful of Your Recipients

Your email campaign should not be a “one-size-fits-all” method. For example, a language arts teacher does not need an email about math products, nor does a physical education teacher need an email about science projects. A personalized email is sure to grab their attention. You can do this manually by keeping most of the email the same, but only touching up the parts that need to apply to each recipient. Another idea is to ask your audience to sign up for a designated mailing list, so that math or reading teachers only receive the emails that apply to them.

Remember Important Dates

There are several dates you need to keep in mind when connecting to your K-12 audience. Start with back-to-school, holiday breaks and the last day of school. For middle school and high school teachers, you want to learn their mid-term and final exam dates, so you can reach out to them with helpful products. You also want to keep school-wide functions, such as fundraisers, in mind. It is best to use an online calendar or planner to keep track of the dates that affect each school.

Offer an Occasional Shout Out

Another idea for reaching your audience is to offer a shout out for special events. A high school teacher on your list may need a shout out for an online fundraiser, while an elementary school may need a donation of kindergarten supplies. You can offer the shout out on your company's social media page, as it may reach more people. When you show your audience you care about their school, they are encouraged to stay on your email list and visit your website.

If you want to run a successful K-12 email campaign, take the time to connect with your target audience.

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