How To Re-Engage Readers In K-12 Email Campaigns

How To Re-Engage Readers In K-12 Email Campaigns

How To Re-Engage Readers In K-12 Email Campaigns

When readers start hitting the unsubscribe button, you can trust that more people are considering it. If that is happening, it’s important to take action now to prevent your email list from becoming non-existent. These steps will help you prevent future people from unsubscribing, and encourage engagement.


If you have noticed that your K-12 marketing email list is dwindling fast, break out the big guns early. Offer incentives, such as online coupon codes or freebies to email subscribers. Free trials are another thing that customers always enjoy. These might help them stay subscribed a little bit longer.

Find The Problem

After offering incentives to keep the subscribers you currently have, it’s important to find out the problem. These are some of the most common problems companies in k-12 marketing experience.

Automatic Unsubscribe

Sometimes, when a reader doesn’t open an email for so long, they will be automatically unsubscribed. Double-check your email list situation to determine if this could be happening. If it is, keep reading to determine why subscribers might not be opening your emails and make sure that auto unsubscribe is turned off.

Information That Is Not Relevant

The k-12 marketing strategies should be broad enough to encompass several different professionals, from teachers of specific grades to principals to school boards. If it only reaches out to one specific group, that is a problem, and can often result in people of other groups hitting the unsubscribe button.

Too Salesy

People often subscribe to see the latest products, enjoy great deals, and receive useful information. If your emails are loaded with you trying to sell products, readers are going to slowly disengage over time. This can result in many people unsubscribing at once.

No Incentives

When people sign up for emails, they often receive some type of benefit, such as exclusive online offers, early sales, and other incentives. If you aren’t offering any of these, there are bound to be readers that are disappointed. While most companies cannot afford to offer incentives daily, offering all email subscribers an online incentive just for them will encourage them to both stay subscribed and read emails.

Get More Personal

Maybe you’re following all of the tips, but you’re still getting a lot of unsubscribers. The problem could be that they simply do not relate to you as a person, or as a company. When businesses are more focused on sales, this tends to be a problem. They often talk up their products, follow the perfect list of what to do, and still get lost in the mix.


This is because they are lacking that personal touch that is guaranteed to leave a mark in a person’s memory. Start by sending personalized emails to clients that you can. Also, try to include a brief bio in your newsletter, such as what drew you to the education sector. Share personal experiences, and take a break from being overly professional if possible.


Following these tips will help guarantee that subscribers on the verge of hitting the unsubscribe button pause just long enough for you to re-engage them. Engaging people in the K-12 marketing sector can be challenging, but it’s more than possible with these tips.

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