How to Get the Most Out of Your School Email List

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How to Get the Most Out of Your School Email List

How to Get the Most Out of Your School Email List

Your school email list is one of the most crucial components of a marketing outreach effort to teachers, principals, schools, and more. Not only is it essential to develop the correct lists to meet your goals, but they must also be structured so that you can maximize the return on this investment.

Creating content and knowing local professionals is helpful, although they cannot be the only resources utilized for this effort. A school email list becomes an effective asset when it is accurately managed.

Here are some tips to help you work with your teacher email list, principal email list, school email list, and similar marketing resources.

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1. Have Clear Objects for Your Activities

Each email sent should come with a specific goal. What do you hope to accomplish by contacting your list?  Here are some questions to ask yourself before putting together the content to send out to each subscriber. [[1]]

§  What do you want the decision-makers to do after reading the message?

§  How does the content provide something of value to the reader?

§  Does the information fall in line with your other campaign messaging efforts?

When you work from a blueprint, it’s much easier to deliver consistent messages to your school email list.

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2. Keep Using Your Data

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when working with teacher, principal, or superintendent email lists involves the data they’ve collected. It’s often treated as an expendable resource. [[2]]

Most professionals don’t read the first email sent to them. Even if they set it aside to review it later, there is no guarantee that they’ll get back to it.

Just because someone didn’t open or engage with a message once doesn’t mean they’re uninterested. Keep using the data you’ve collected to build relationships.

3. Reach the Right Person

It’s not unusual for schools to use a generic email address for all outside correspondents. That creates some anxiety because you never really know if the person who reads the information is the one that can do something about it. [[3]]

If you don’t work with a specific teacher or administrator, consider using an FAO subject line to reach the right person. FAO stands for “For the Attention Of.” [[4]]

You might not know the name of the individual as a marketer. In that situation, use the job title instead.

4. Test the Campaign

Every marketing campaign has a life of its own. Something that worked well two weeks ago might not get any attention today – which is why ongoing testing is always important. Your engagement rates can vary even based on the day or time that you send the information. Let’s face it – a school email list won’t get a lot of attention during the summer break, right? You want to provide content at a time when the recipient is likely to read it. [[5]]

Knowing how to get the most out of your school email list depends on how you approach these four considerations. Be persistent, offer something valuable, and don’t forget about following up to ensure that your campaign can keep growing!

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