How to Integrate Email Marketing with your Social Media Strategy

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How to Integrate Email Marketing with your Social Media Strategy

How to Integrate Email Marketing with your Social Media Strategy

Some marketers like to run and measure their email marketing efforts separately from social media marketing. Others- the more intelligent ones- have developed a sense that social media and email marketing have to go together in order to make a huge impact.

And of course, it’s the latter group that we are most interested in. There are plenty of third-party tools available to help you with this all-inclusive campaigning but here we are going to discuss some of the principal steps that you should take to exploit the nexus between these two fields.

If all branches of your marketing go together, the customer experience will be unstoppable. The goal here is to create a holistic view of your digital marketing so that you can take decisions supported by seamless connections.

Imagine, your customer contacts you on Twitter, gets his answers via email customer support, and walks into your retail store. He should get a constant experience and that’s what I mean by HOLISTIC here.

Why is it that Email Marketing is Still so Relevant?

Email is entrenched in people’s deep-seated routines and daily practices. That’s why more than 70 percent of consumers still appreciate receiving promotional offers through emails. Whereas, those who like them on social media are just 17 percent.

Perhaps, the data-based personalization on social media hasn’t reached a level that is enough to tell what TIME a customer should see an offer so that the potential of social media can be exploited fully. Moreover, if you can prompt email subscribers into visiting your site, 4.24% of those are likely to purchase. Whereas, from social media, only 2.39% do.

The Nexus Between Email and Social Media

Email marketing tends to target those who actually need your services or products. On the other hand, Social media marketing targets those who are demographically prone to LIKE your products and services. When both of these efforts combine, the combination is powerful enough to generate huge leads.

You can use email to reach consumers on social media. This will expand your customer reach. You will have available more data about them as well, so targeting the ads becomes even easier and meaningful. Whereas, you can use social media to reach an email subscriber to finally see if they have buying potential and are worthy of investing in.

Get Schedules in Sync

You might already have an email marketing schedule, but does it sync with your social media team? Your social media team and email marketing team should be using the same calendar.

Digital Calendar Apps make it easier to sync schedules and allow unanimous & smooth doing.

Also, the coordination between the teams becomes more seamless. For example, your social media team might have planned a holiday, and an integrated calendar could help the email team to adjust accordingly.

You may consider the following options for this purpose:

  • Project Management Software i.e. Asana
  • Editorial Calendars like Percolate
  • Google Calendar

Upload Your Subscriber Lists to Social Media

On social media, People don’t buy at a better rate than emails but, they are more active on social media. To know their habits and preferences, the best channel is social media.

When you upload your subscribers list to social media channels, it becomes easy to follow all your subscribers. Now you can easily utilize these people for promoted social media campaigns. This is where you can leverage your email list to gain full advantage of social media and earn leads.  

Another highlighted tool is Facebook’s Custom Audience Feature. This tool makes the above-mentioned job far easier to manage.

Another advantage of this thing is that now you can put a name and face against each subscriber in your email list.  You will have more flexible communication options as well. From ever-changing interests & business needs to likes & dislikes, you get to keep yourself updated constantly.

Redesign Your Facebook and Twitter Ads Campaigns

Social media Ads are expensive, so you want to be concise and sure about your efforts. The more the knowledge about your subscribers, the better the analyses about their expected behaviors. Hence, a relatively shorter and meaningful list of consumers is better to target with paid ads.

Eliminate the chances of unproductive ads as much as possible. Here is the way to do it in a more calculated manner:

1.   Install a tracking code on your website.

2.   If your subscribers click on your promotional emails or visit your page, shortlist them.

3.   And then target those who are both likely to LIKE and Likely to buy your products/services i.e. take the data from email history and then apply social media ads features on those on respective social channels. 

Doing this all is hectic to manage if you don’t have a single marketing strategy. So, a combined strategy is also effective for reducing costs and better operations.  

You can also use URL SHORTENER tools to retarget people who are interested in your social media content but are yet to visit your website. 

User-Generated Content Brings Your Brand To Life.

The ultimate way to integrate your social media marketing with email marketing is with user-generated content.

People tend to see and decide on the basis of reviews and testimonials left by past consumers before they make a purchase. Emails don’t provide a fluid way to see how a product or service has been regarded by the users. But social media do.

You can incorporate some testimonials or comments by some celebrity in your emails and then share them with your subscribers to help you promote your brand’s identity. Yes, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a sales letter, but a message intended for subject awareness also helps for future leads generation.

Show Off Social Profiles in Your Emails & Encourage Your Followers to Sign Up

Reminding subscribers that your brand has an active social community encourages them to engage with you in more interactive way. Some companies do it in a really fun way i.e. they place a contest to win a favorite product on following the brand on social media.

Not only that you can promote your brand’s social media presence via emails but also you can ask your social media followers to sign up for your landing page.

Twitter Cards are an easy way to do that. They allow Twitter users to sign-up on an external channel without having to leave Twitter even for a second.

Wrapping Up

Marketers need to integrate all their marketing efforts into one all-inclusive bundle. As for social media and email integration, the following tasks should make a good checklist before you claim an effective combined marketing strategy.

  • Make sure your social media and email marketing campaigners report to the same authority. 
  • Extract comments, shared posts, etc. from social media and use them in emails to make them more convincing.
  • Use data from social media channels to categorize email subscribers for promotions.
  • Share your social profiles using emails and prompt your subscribers to your social media handles.

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