How to Maximize Opportunities from School Email Lists

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How to Maximize Opportunities from School Email Lists

How to Maximize Opportunities from School Email Lists

Each time you send a message to your school email list, it’s an opportunity to win some business. It’s also a chance for you to drive principals, teachers, and other professionals away from your brand.

How can you make sure that you maximize opportunities from a school email list instead of pushing them away?

These core strategies can help you improve your approach to encourage more transactions and build revenues.

1. Be Personal

Most email revenue from educational email lists comes from triggered and personalized campaigns. If you’re trying to use a one-size-fits-all approach, the messages sent will feel generic and pointless. [[1]]

Even though it takes time to personalize emails, it’s always cheaper to keep your existing customers than to acquire new ones. That’s why the focus should be on specific activities people take when visiting your site.

Here are the top three personalization messages to create today.

1.     Use location-specific offers and images to add relevance to school emails.

2.     Offer personalized content that leverages the consumer data you collect.

3.     Send cart abandonment reminders that feature relevant products.

2. Use Dynamic Content

School email lists that feature dynamic content often perform better because of the communication approach it uses. [[2]]

You can customize almost everything about your messages to connect with the reader with dynamic content. That outcome boosts message relevancy to drive more clicks and sales without investing in multiple segmented campaigns.

3. Include User Content

School email engagement climbs when you incorporate content that teachers and others have sent your way. This strategy gives readers a chance to directly interact with your brand while feeling like they’re part of a thriving community.

When people see user-generated content in emails, they’re more likely to click or buy something than when you use images from your company or brand. [[3]]

The best way to include this option with an educational email list is to ask people to post photos they hashtag about themselves on social media. You’ll just need to be careful that students aren’t included in the image since you might need a photo release for each person.

4. Focus on the Subject Line

Before the Internet, people picked up newspapers to read based on the headline published on the front page. If it generated curiosity, they’d toss a quarter over to grab one.

If the headline was boring or irrelevant, they kept moving forward with their day.

All it takes is one interesting subject line to make someone stop and click on an email. The difference between newspapers and emails is that personalized notes provide better results. When a subject line features the first name, it has an open rate that’s more than 25% higher. [[4]]

You also need to be conscious of subject line length. About half of emails are accessed on mobile devices. [[5]]

Tapping into the power of a school email list lets you maximize business opportunities. Use these tips at your discretion to see how effective this marketing resource can be today!







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