How to Revive a Principal Contact List

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How to Revive a Principal Contact List

How to Revive a Principal Contact List

Does it feel like your email list is dead? Even when you create a great database, life can get in the way of your marketing work.

Instead of letting a principal contact list stay inactive, a few simple steps can help you revive it to be a meaningful asset once again.

Even if your principal list has become unresponsive, these ideas can help you get to a place where this database has value.

Ways to Revive an Inactive Principal Contact List

1. Export the List

Imagine that you have a principal contact list from the early days of email and the Internet. Some of those addresses could be 25 years old. Are they worth trying to contact?

Probably not. The best way to clean up an old contact list is to export it as a CSV file. You can use the information to make strategic decisions about what to keep or remove. [[1]]

You can also invest in a list cleaning service to do this work for you.

2. Boost Your Authority

Adding a sending address to an autoresponder typically creates a request to verify your domain. That step usually involves receiving a verification email that you can click.

By authenticating your domain, you’ll get more legitimacy with email providers. This step shows that you’re the rightful owner, allowing you to send messages out as if they come from your domain instead of an autoresponder provider. [[2]]

3. Encourage Replies

The best way to generate interest in your brand from an older email list is to encourage people to reply to your messages. That means someone took the time to compose something, giving you a personal insight into ways you can improve – or close the deal.

These replies also help with your email service provider rating. Engagement is always better than having an email ignored.

If you ask for someone’s opinion, you’re more likely to receive a reply. [[3]]

4. Use Free Gifts

Principals are always looking for low-cost resources to help them be more effective at what they do. [[4]]

It’s even better when they find tools or products that help their teachers do what they do best.

You don’t want to give away all your expertise. The goal should be to provide enough value to show your worth so that schools want to keep working with you.

Several options are available to try in this category. You could hold a raffle, provide a discount, or offer a downloadable ebook filled with great tips or tricks.

5. Present a Paid Opportunity

After you have taken the time to nurture the principal contact list, it’s ready for a paid opportunity. Give them the pitch, but don’t stop there. Continue to offer help, whether that means you’re guiding them through the sales process or delivering more freebies to sample. [[5]]

Some school email lists are not recoverable. If you spent time putting together a principal contact database that worked well in the past, the effort to revive it could be worthwhile. Implement the steps that make sense for your situation to see what is possible!






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