Great Content Sells: Your Principal Email Lists

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Great Content Sells: Your Principal Email Lists

What Are the Challenges School Districts Face Today?


The best content for school mailing lists will solve problems. It doesn’t take long to realize that today’s districts are facing numerous issues, many of which have complex solutions – if one exists at all.


Your content maximizes its first impression when it offers valuable solutions to the common problems that school districts face. Can your products or services deliver positive benefits in one of the following areas? Is your content geared for success when marketing to a superintendent email list or principal email list?


1. Classroom Size

Most school districts have overcrowded classrooms. In Georgia, funding cuts led to a lifting of class size limitations to ensure kids had a chance to learn. Most teachers agree that they cannot be effective at what they do if more than 30 students are present, while those in the K-3 grades need that ratio cut by 50%. [[1]]


2. Poverty and Hunger

About one-fifth of students in the United States live at or below the federal poverty level. That means a family of four is earning an income of less than $25,000 annually. In 17 states, low-income students are the majority of the public school population. [[2]]


That means families rely on public schools for food, education, and resource access. If those problems aren’t solved, the learning opportunities that children receive can be severely impacted.


3. Family Issues

Teachers, principals, and superintendents agree that what happens at home directly impacts a student’s learning opportunities. Domestic violence and divorce are significant challenges that children bring to the classroom daily.


Educators can only do so much when parents aren’t willing to partner with school districts to solve problems.


4. Technology Needs

Many students are more technologically literate than their teachers today. That puts educators at a disadvantage in their own classrooms.


A love of technology can lead to new learning opportunities, but it can also be a distraction. Districts are already strapped for money, so funding new computer purchases and other tech could feel like an insurmountable challenge. [[3]]


Solving this issue can help a school district stay on budget while meeting the learning needs of each student more effectively.


5. Bullying Problems

Bullying behaviors have long been a part of the educational environment. With social media, online forums, and phone access, a targeted student might not get a break from this negative interaction.


Cyberbullying has led to numerous student health issues, including an increase in suicides. [[4]]


When communicating with your school district email lists, think about how you can solve this critical issue. What tools do you offer that can address disrespect, tardiness, and apathy?


6. Parental Involvement

Some parents are never seen during the entire school year, even if issues arise that require their assistance. Others never seem to disappear, becoming the helicopter guardian that hovers over everything the child and the teacher says or does. Offering solutions for both situations can help your brand get noticed with your email outreach efforts. [[5]]


Developing school district email lists and k-12 school email lists will help you build a rapport with local educators at all levels. In return, you’ll have opportunities to share your expertise and solve problems, pushing people forward through your sales funnels.


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