Increasing Customer Engagement

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Increasing Customer Engagement

Increasing Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is one of the most important aspects of marketing. Some companies have gone as far as to say that it is marketing itself. When you engage your customers, you keep them coming back for new products, encourage brand loyalty and build trust. This is because customers want a positive customer experience, and consumers are more likely to come back if they know they are going to get that. These current trends are the ways that companies are keeping their customers engaged.

Product Trials

Before releasing a new product, every company likes to get feedback. Instead of using survey sites or market research to see how customers feel about a potential new product, reach out to existing customers and give them a chance to try it first. They will enjoy being the first to try the latest thing, and this is a great way to keep them engaged.

Social Media

Customers that want to stay engaged with a brand often enjoy doing so on their social media accounts. Posts that encourage customer engagement, such as like vs. share posts, are a great way to keep consumers interested and engaged.

Personalized Interactions

Picking up an email list is a great way to get thousands of leads but sending out generic messages is a great way to lose most of them. Today, customers want to feel like they are seen and heard. They want companies to both know them and acknowledge them. Consumers are shying away from brands that do not offer that in favor of companies that send them emails with their name on them. It’s important to remember this when reaching out to new leads as well as maintaining contact with old ones.

Do It for the Customer

When businesses develop a marketing strategy and reach out to customers they are doing it to build their business, but this often results in their efforts being for the business. Once a company develops that mindset, they begin to lose customers. Instead, do things for the customer. Post to social media accounts to make them smile or brighten their day. Send them personalized emails because you care about them, and how they are doing with the new product. When you genuinely care about the customer, they will be able to tell.

Offer Something of Value

When you post to social media, a blog or send an email, offer the customer something. A funny social media post offers a smile. Blogs can offer useful advice. Emails can offer tips about how to use a product that was just ordered. Todays consumers want information, life hacks and to enjoy themselves. Also, those useful tips will keep customers coming back.


When engaging with customers, be as authentic as possible. Clients can tell when a person holds back, which will lead to distrust. Generally, consumers do not want to work with a company or person that they do not trust. Instead, give them authenticity and you will instantly see more customer engagement.

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