K-12 Education Marketing: Marketing Essentials

K-12 Education Marketing: Marketing Essentials

K-12 Education Marketing: Marketing Essentials

K-12 education marketing remains a world that is a combination of it’s own world and the world of marketing. It requires a certain amount of knowledge regarding marketing tactics in order to be successful. These essentials will work as both a refresher for those that are experienced in the market as well as a great way for beginners to learn the best marketing essentials.

Be Different

The K-12 education sector is full of cool products and nifty gadgets. It is so cluttered with products that cool things have become the norm. This is great for the market, but it can make selling new products a nightmare. 

Sellers that have managed to break through the market have learned how to be different. They use the unique features of their product or a personal story to differentiate themselves from the competition, and that is helping them sell new products at record speeds. 

Get Personal

Today’s k-12 market is about more than just enhanced features or technology; it’s about being authentic and creating business relationships. When people hear a personal back story during a pitch, they relate to what is being said. That personal touch has the potential to leave a lasting impression that businesses want. Even if clients don’t sign a deal that day, they are more likely to in the future. 

Build a Website

Even if a K-12 school is a bit behind in the technology field, that does not mean that they do not utilize the internet to research products, educational methods and more. Every business needs a website today to help educate the market about their product, attract new clients and to engage with their market. With the right SEO agency, a single website can help a business reach heights they did not know were possible. 

Mix Strategies

Having a tool box full of strategies is the perfect formula for success. An outreach email campaign will only reach out to so many people, and this also applies to a social media campaign. Running multiple campaigns at the same time is ideal to reach more potential clients. Common campaigns that are used in combination together include: 

  • - Search engine optimization (SEO) 
  • - Website development
  • - Email 
  • - Social media campaign
  • - LinkedIn lead generation tactics
  • - Blog development

These strategies are all extremely common, yet often fail when they are used singularly. For success, companies want to utilize several of them at the same time. 

Love the Product

Being passionate about a product is easy for most people. Those products are the babies of the company. Developers have watched them grow from an idea into a product that could be in hundreds of homes. Sharing that passion is another story, however. Often, salesmen remain focused on the charts and graphs, which results in their pitch being monotone. Instead, focus on how awesome the product is. The excitement will be contagious, and that is something that salesman want potential clients to catch. 

K-12 education marketing requires a unique combination of essential techniques that are used for almost every product as well as tactics that are necessary in the education sector. When both strategies are used together, it is a recipe for success. 

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