K-12 Education Without Internet

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K-12 Education Without Internet

K-12 Education Without Internet

As the world moves to digital platforms, some students are getting left in the dark, literally. Students that do not have access to the internet are being forced to work through endless pages of work packets in an effort to stay caught up. These work packets do little to keep children caught up in school, however. They are proving to be the least effective method of education. Children that do not have access to the internet can benefit from products and materials that are catered to meet their individual needs.

Hot Spots

Schools that have limited children without the internet will be interested in purchasing individual modems or hot spots that children can use at an affordable cost. This will give them access to the internet, giving them an automatic seat in the virtual classroom.

Interactive Worksheets

Instead of a basic worksheet that children will need to fill out, children will need to be more interactive in the learning process. They will need to be engaged with interactive worksheets, such as science experiments that call for them to complete a science experiment and then answer questions regarding that science experiment.


Children don’t just need workbooks to fill out, they need books to read. Now is the time to market educational materials, such as books on history or science as an example, current events, our our Earth, and other things that children may be interested in. This can encourage learning outside of traditional learning methods. It might also prove helpful to re-introduce the public library to your family.

At Home Materials

Other at-home materials can also help children learn. Whether this includes flashcards to assist with math problems, interactive, handheld games or educational games, children that do not have internet access will benefit from these.

Supplemental Supplies For Special Classes

Children that are without the internet are often sent packets to make up for work misses in reading and social studies, but special classes, such as music, art, and gym, are often left out. This calls for those in the k-12 marketing sector to help fill that gap.


Music class can be taught at home with instruments provided, worksheets, and music books. Comprehensive books on composers, music trends, and other music-related things that children will find interesting will help them learn music while at home.


Art is not being taught at home because children are missing art supplies. Art class goes far beyond coloring and coloring books. Children that are learning at home will benefit from art supplies such as:

-       Art projects

-       DIY projects

-       Paint

-       Scissors and glue

-       Construction paper

Any materials available that allow children to be creative, learn art theory, or learn about art, such as the color wheel, will greatly benefit those that are attempting a k-12 education without the internet.


Physical education is also not included in work packets. K-12 educational companies with materials that involve health and physical education, such as learning about the importance of exercise. Worksheets that give a good exercise program for children, such as playing outside an hour a day, are also wonderful ideas.


Children that do not have the internet face unique challenges during this pandemic. They are being left behind in many subjects, and are missing the same opportunities that their peers have. Help them stay caught up by addressing these problems through k-12 marketing campaigns.

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