K-12 Educational Lists and Great Customers

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K-12 Educational Lists and Great Customers

K-12 Educational Lists and Great Customers

One of the best parts of owning a business, on the crest of 10 years, is helping start-ups; mom and pop small businesses get their bearing and launch in this competitive K-12 market. Over the years as an educational email list marketing company we have had thousands of customers, from the giants like Apple and Scholastic, and many less heard of great companies that are entering this spectacular business vertical. It’s these smaller companies that I pay tribute to in this blog & in business.

In my industry and in many others 10% of our customers might account for 90% of our revenue. Those 10% are often large education vendors that sell hundreds of millions of dollars worth of goods and services to schools and districts throughout the US and abroad. These giants will purchase principal email lists, superintendent lists, teacher email databases, and other k-12 email marketing lists costing tens of thousands without even picking up the phone. They are our 10%. These corporate giants never call with marketing questions or requests for discounts, they just buy and are off to market never to be heard from until their next buy. This is a fabulous portion of our business and thank you, you are if course 90% of K12 Data’s revenue. The other other 10% of our revenue and the 90% of our daily business is the smaller guys.

Principal Email Lists, Superintendent Email Marketing, and Fabulous School Data Lists - K12 Data 

I had three calls this week from three different and really interesting small companies, two of which are just launching, and the other has been a publisher of quality children’s books for decades. All three sell and provide services earmarked for all types of children, children that might have different learning needs (don’t we all) or fears or the need to tackle something more challenging and new. I probably spent a couple of hours on the phone with all of them and I went into my weekend feeling fulfilled. They shared their visions and goals with me and I shared my knowledge of the education sales marketing vertical with them. I also do what we as a company do best, we put our customers first and we take care of all of them.

Here are the three great companies that we helped going into the weekend:




Thank you all for the work you do and for your work with us.


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