K-12 Email List Marketing: The Wind Down Period

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K-12 Email List Marketing:  The Wind Down Period

K-12 Email List Marketing:  The Wind Down Period

As May draws to its conclusion so do most of the K-12 Schools & Districts, Public, Private, and Charter. It’s a time for graduations, class parties, and an overall breath of relief for teachers and administrators. It’s also the time that many companies and organizations that sell into the education market to rein in their marketing efforts. Rightly so, since everyone is ready to close the door on another year of working their tails off and having summer in their sights. However, don’t sit tight for too long.

Take advantage of school email lists and district email lists.

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Having two kids in elementary school I am so ready to end the school drop-offs, pick-ups, preparing lunches, and staying on top of homework and school related activities and so are the teachers. But this is a great time to start thinking about updating your school and district email marketing list. Summer is a super time to hit the folks that are on a full calendar year work schedule. Unlike teachers, Principals, Assistant Principals, Superintendents, and many other admin titles in curriculum, buildings and grounds, food services, purchasing, and many others are still on the clock and they have more time on their hands now that the kids are gone and the buildings are vacant. When I sold education technology and text books for Thomson Learning, now Cengage, the quality of my workload increased over the early summer. My customers had more time to see me and my competitors were likely more focused on their tans rather than storing acorns for the fall and winter. It wasn’t like I was closing deals day in and out but instead I was forming great relationships with people that gave me their undivided attention while they were stuck in their eight to five job.

Jump into summer with your K-12 administrator meet & greet campaign

So here’s what you need to do. Get your list together of your top candidates both by dollars and proximity and hit the road. Go meet the upper level school and district administrators, department heads, purchasing folks, and secretaries. Buy a hundred $5 Starbucks gift cards (likely a gift limit for those by-the-book educators) and start your own meet & greet campaign. If you don’t sell anything in the month of June, and you might not, at the very least you’ll will walk away making a great impression during this downtime. And for anyone that has sold in the education market you know that relationships often eclipse other selling tactics with these educated folks.

Get familiar with the Trillion $ in US Ed Funding

On a side note, use this wind down time to get familiar with state & federal funding opportunities. Did you know that there is close to a TRILLION dollars being poured into the US education market? Why not see what opps there are for the director of curriculum or superintendent that you are meeting next week. There might be an angle to sell your products into a large grant win that could bring residual money into your company for the next few years to come. “Oh, you don’t have a grant team in place? Well maybe we can help put this together for you:  https://rfpmatch.com/ Dr. Paula Love should be on your company's radar.

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