K-12 Email Lists: Bad Data is Worse than No Data

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K-12 Email Lists: Bad Data is Worse than No Data

K-12 Email Lists: Bad Data is Worse than No Data

Over the past decade we have worked with roughly 6k companies that sell into the school marketplace via our education database email lists. It’s always eye openning to us and them to see how their house files pan out in terms of being up to date.

“K12 Data’s back to school email marketing lists help you bring you’re “A Game” to the playing field.”

The conversation gets started when we discuss suppressing their email house file against the contacts they would like from us. Email Suppression is simply negating your emails from the email list that you would like from us, thus removing duplicates from your purchase. This process is very easy for us to bring to light as we have an automated Email Suppression Tool on our website. Customers simply build their prospective list/s on our Build A List page:  https://k12-data.com/custom_databases and as they navigate towards their Cart, a red button appears at the bottom of the page asking them:  “Proceed To Suppress” or “Proceed To Checkout”. If you decide to suppress your email list you will simply upload a CSV file with one column of email addresses (only) and “Email” as the Header. Almost immediately the system will display the updated counts and a strikethrough of the number contacts that are in common to both files. From there you are set knowing that you are not getting duplicates in your file from us. If you are interested in utilizing the tool please Register and send us an email so we can turn it on for you.

“Don’t just settle for any Superintendent Email List or Principal Email List they are a dime a dozen and a dozen shoddy companies sell them at rock bottom rates with rock bottom deliverability. Get your superintendent and principal marketing database lists from K12 Data. We have these two titles as well as 390 other Job Titles at schools and districts throughout the US. Ten years Strong.”

So back to the introduction, get your closet cleaned out. The old list that you have been emailing to or the one that’s been in your crm just sitting there needs some attention. There’s a 22% attrition rate on education data and those numbers are pre-Covid. Don’t risk sending your school marketing e-collateral to invalid email addresses. Not only does in impact you with your ESP and their IPs but it also affects your company’s reputation over the long run. Nine times out of 10 when a client send us their full house file of teacher or administrator email addresses less than 8% will match the current data we have in our K12 Database. On average our customer see a 2-2.5% hard bounce rate on their first delivery using our file.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and have the suppression tool turned on for you. The process is immediate, costs zero, and is super intuitive- pretty much like the way have done business since 2012 (minus the free part of course).

Charlie Isham

K12 Data Inc.

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