K-12 Email Lists: The District Luncheon Meet

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K-12 Email Lists:  The District Luncheon Meet

K-12 Email Lists:  The District Luncheon Meet

As schools are winding down and buildings are emptying out for the start of summer it’s a great time to up your meeting game. You now have a great opportunity to have an active audience with superintendents, principals, technology directors, curriculum coordinators and other school and district administrators. I found a great way to target multiple people at one location- the District Luncheon.


-School email marketing lists and great education data get you there.

You generally have an administrator at the school-site level that works directly with his or her peers at other school but also with a district administrator that they often report to or work with. The great thing about this is that I found when selling into the education market is that they usually all meet at one location in the district generally once a month if not more. And it’s one thing to visit a school and have a great meeting one by one, but it’s another to walk into one room full of every decision maker or gatekeeper from all schools and the boss together with eyes on you.


-Teacher email lists for back to school marketing. K12 Data has a quality education database.

This is where I came up with the District Luncheon. Find out when & where the team meets and host a fabulous meal that fits an hour in for your team to do a full presentation with undivided attention (minus the chomping). Haul in all of your best presentation materials and give the room a hands-on show. So when I mentioned a fabulous meal I think you step it up a notch from Einstein Bagels or Starbucks and go local. Get the local business involved since they might already serve the families of the area it’s not only a great way to support a business that might also be a solid partner or potential sponsor of the schools. You shouldn’t overlook the fact that everyone loves to receive a free meal so you just hit it out of the park

Be sure to have your A game ready and leave time for questions. You should have collateral ready with your offer to make the process for purchasing as friction-free as possible. Line out all of the steps of the purchase process, implementation, and the whole (local) enchilada. I can’t think of a better way to accomplish so much in one sales and marketing presentation.

Charlie Isham

K12 Data Inc.


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