K-12 Email Marketing Lists: Sending to 3rd Party Lists

K-12 Email Marketing Lists:  Sending to 3rd Party Lists

In a recent blog I wrote about choosing and purchasing related (to your company) domain names. This is again important to protect your company's domain, email, and business inbox...

In this blog I want to cover 3rd Party Education Email Marketing Lists. A handful of years ago I went to the Direct Marketing Association annual conference in Los Angeles. I believe these days they have rolled themselves into the American Marketing Association:   https://www.ama.org/  In any case, I learned that roughly 90% of all email that is transmitted daily in the US is from 3rd party lists, like our district email lists and school email lists. So, if almost all email deployment companies/email service providers (ESPs) do not accept marketing lists then how is 90% getting to your inbox?

Why K12 Data https://k12-data.com/? Our Principal Email Lists are a Top Notch. Build Your Education Database Today with Our Build A List Page:  https://k12-data.com/custom_databases

It's a great question and I don't have the answer. I do know that the reason companies like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact put up barriers to you uploading your school email-marketing list are because there is so much crappy data on the market. This crappy data being sold by crappy companies has created this barrier to entry for all of us. If you go back a decade ago there were only four education email list compilers and we were one of them. Fast forward to today and you have a dozen or so in this space and you probably receive emails regularly from someone named "Dave Jones for Dallas" that has no signature in his email and he is not within eight thousand miles from TX. So, it becomes clear that if you owned an ESP and you had assets to protect like IP addresses you would only want the cream of the crop of marketing lists loaded into your platform. 

What to be done? Well, you check the box that says:  "This is my list, house file..." and move on. The best they can do is to add a speed bump in the process to vett the data being uploaded by making you check this box. Then from there they monitor (automated) your hard bounces and let you know if you are OK or "gonna get shut down" as the monkey will echo. This is what separates the good from the bad & ugly.

At K12 Data, we send an email out to portions of our database six days per week. From there we work hard on performing hygiene on the bounced emails. We update those records as well as tackle other problems that we glean from the reporting of those sends- including cutting complainers and high-risk email addresses. This way when our clients load their k-12 email database into the ESP's platform it's probably cleaner than your husband's "book club list". 

We have found that about 22% of education email contacts will go bad each year. So those numbers mean that close to 2% of the school and district emails will be bad in 30 days. So not only is it important to load good education email lists into your crm & esp it is also important to stay consistent with your email marketing. If you skip a month or two you might have lost 4-5% of your contacts by way of natural attrition. So don't risk your next education email database purchase on using "Chuck from The Big Apple", K12 Prosp...s, or other overseas phonies and stick with the leader in K-12 Email Marketing Lists- us.

Charlie Isham

K12 Data

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