K-12 Email Marketing: The NCES ID

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K-12 Email Marketing:  The NCES ID

K-12 Email Marketing:  The NCES ID

At K12 Data, we include the NCES ID #s on our file along with the 46 other data fields. In this short blog I will explain this number and why it should be an added item to your house file.

NCES stands for The National Center For Education Statistics. “The National Center for Education Statistics is the part of the United States Department of Education's Institute of Education Sciences that collects, analyzes, and publishes statistics on education and public school district finance information in the United States.” Wikipedia 

This NCES School & District ID is unique to each school or district building. tag heuer replica

  • The School ID contains 12 numerical digits.
  • The District ID contains 7 digits.
  • The first 7 digits of the 12 digit school ID are the District ID, the last five digits are the School ID, put together, they make a 12 digit unique code for each school. So, each school in the district will share the first 7 digits of their “parent” district.

One of the main reasons we include this unique ID is that it allows our customers to have a universal identifier on their customer file. While working at MDR in the late 2000’s I used to get a lot of bad feedback from my customers regarding the MDR PID (Product ID Number). This was/is a proprietary ID that MDR would so graciously include on their file for their customers, really nice right? Not so much. This ID is 100% useless unless you decide to remain tethered to the list giant and that is exactly the way they like it. You see, when you decide to expand your database and add say more school principal email addresses or superintendent email marketing contacts, you simply give them the list of IDs and they can append new contacts (attach for $$$) for you quite easily. But, it leaves the customer strapped to them, which is great for them.

So we at K12 Data decided over a decade ago to include the very universal NCES IDs to our file. We also have an automated tool that allows our customers to send us their school email marketing list or district email contact list of IDs, along with a list of the Job Titles they would like and we can append (attach) to our file and send them the updates. The process is automated and we generally do not charge for the service depending on the job. If your current education email list provider does not include these IDs then make sure to ask them to. This way you will always be able to have a way to link your education database to any quality education email list provider’s file. BTW, if you are paying for an additional data point like this ID from your current list provider then you might reach out to us. We never charge for extra data points.

Our customers see an average hard bounce rate of 1.5% on our education email marketing lists and we compile 100% of the file ourselves- humans not spiders.

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