K-12 Marketing: Changes To Implement Due To Covid-19

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K-12 Marketing: Changes To Implement Due To Covid-19

K-12 Marketing: Marketing Changes To Implement Due To Covid-19

The marketing landscape is changing for k-12 vendors, and there’s a chance that it might not change back. Instead of waiting on the pandemic to pass, and taking a huge loss in the meantime, it’s time to implement changes to your marketing strategy now to make sure that you don’t miss out on key k-12 marketing opportunities. This can also guarantee that you already have a plan in place if individuals choose to stay the course after the pandemic is over.


Eliminate Face To Face Meetings

Boardroom meetings are long gone thanks to the fear of catching Covid-19. However, it’s important for those in the k-12 marketing sector to note that many school districts are discovering that eliminating boardroom meetings is also more convenient. Not only is it convenient, it saves time, helping educators to increase productivity and get more meetings into one day. This signals that the trend could continue long after the pandemic is over. If you do not have a backup yet, it’s time to come up with one.


Phone Calls

Phone calls can do little to replace in-person product reviews like those boardroom meetings, but traditional phone calls serve as an exceptional way to set up meeting times. They can also be used as a quick way to let your current clients know that you are there for them during these unprecedented times.


Zoom Meetings

Most people have opted for Zoom meetings since the pandemic began, and they’re loving them. Zoom meetings give k-12 marketing teams a chance to display their product as they would in a meeting while maintaining social distancing. This app also offers the chance for multiple people to be in one meeting at a time, something that k-12 marketing teams can use to their advantage. Simply download the free app, and conduct a meeting as you normally would.

If you’re not a fan of Zoom meetings for a particular reason, downloading a video chat app is still a necessity. This is the new version of boardroom meetings. If you haven’t already, it’s time to get the marketing team virtual with virtual meetings.


Email Campaigns Are Making A Comeback

Now that face to face meetings are dissolving, email campaigns are making a huge comeback. This is the preferred method of communication for educators regardless of a pandemic, so you can trust that your efforts won’t be wasted on creating killer email campaigns.

Speak with the marketing team to get something in the works as soon as possible. Start off early by reaching out to current clients via email and updating email lists. Then, when the new campaign is ready to go, you’ll already have a nice list of email addresses to use.

This year, marketing is going virtual. If you’re used to traditional door-knocking and those amazing boardroom meetings with a nice lunch, it’s not the time to stand still and patiently wait on them to come back. Instead, start making moves now to guarantee that you still have a business in the future.

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