K-12 Marketing: Key Times to Reach Out to Educators

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K-12 Marketing: Key Times to Reach Out to Educators

K-12 Marketing: Key Times to Reach Out to Educators


K-12 marketing campaigns and their success largely depends on timing. There are key times that a marketing campaign has a great chance of being successful, and other times when it is automatically destined to fail. Use these tips to make sure that your timing is flawless.


Launch Campaigns in June


June is known as the use it or lose it part of the year. Schools that have not used the remaining money in their budget for the school year will lose it. If they do not spend it, it can affect their budget for the next year. Because of this educators will be in a hurry to spend whatever money they have left.


Educators Have Free Time For Meetings in July


July is smack dab in between the June spending rush and the back to school campaigns. Companies can take advantage of this downtime to schedule meetings with top educators to close deals, introduce new products and more. This is a great time to start a back to school campaign to beat the rush that usually happens in early August.


Back to School in August


August is the official time for k-12 marketers to pull out all the stops and launch the best of the best marketing campaigns. This is the time to stand out and land contracts that will last the rest of the school year. Keep in mind that you will be competing with the other brands so it is important to stand out.


Maintain Relationships in October


September is always busy for educators, and you don’t want to be the company that sends too many emails that month. Instead, wait until educators have a chance to breathe after all the back to school fuss and then reach out. That is in October. This is the time that you want to reach out to schools to see if they are enjoying the products, to promote the brand and to maintain relationships.


Go Full Swing in January


January is another important time for k-12 marketing. November and December are usually a lost cause with the holidays, but everything is back in motion once the kids are back in school when January hits. This is a great time to reach out to potential leads, unveil products to current customers for the second semester of the school year and to give out a few free trials to loyal customers. January is a great time for sales, and it won’t be as competitive as August so it’s a wonderful time for new companies to spread their wings.

Close Deals in March


March is a key month because it is right before things slow down for a couple of months. This is the time to close the deals that you started in January, maintain relationships for when June hits and to close sales. If they aren’t closed in March, you might lose them. As Spring hits and the school year winds down, educators often take a break from the hard work that has been happening all school year. That means fewer meetings and less spending.


Knowing when to approach educators is important in the k-12 sector. Following this timeline will help you make sure your campaigns are ready to go when the time is right, guarantee that you maintain relationships throughout the year and more.

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