K-12 Marketing: Late Summer Marketing Plans To Implement Now

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K-12 Marketing: Late Summer Marketing Plans To Implement Now

K-12 Marketing: Late Summer Marketing Plans To Implement Now

As Fall gets closer to approaching, more and more school districts are scrambling to come up with plans for the new school year. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic schools are being forced to come up with innovative ideas. Whether it’s online, in the classroom, or a hybrid model, the fact is that kids will be returning to school. Schools don’t just need a new plan, they need help from the people behind the products to come up with innovative solutions that will meet the needs of the new normal for students and educators.

Digital Classrooms

Many schools are opting away from Google Classroom, which they were stuck with at the end of last school year, and searching for other online classroom solutions. Many parents and teachers had a difficult time navigating these classrooms, and, let’s face it, schools always want to save money and Google Classroom is not free. If you have a digital classroom product, now is the time to reach out to schools if you have not done so already.

Schools that are returning to a traditional school or school with social distancing are still searching for the perfect digital classroom as well. These schools are making sure that they have a back up in case of another shutdown.


Tech Products

Last year, schools ran out of products to give out to students. Districts that did not send IPads and MacBooks home with students regularly, or had students share them in the classroom, were left scrambling for a solution. Unfortunately, this solution involved paper packets for many students.

Now, schools are striving to make sure that every student has access to the technology that they will need. This means that they need tech products, and the more affordable the better because they need plenty of them.

A couple of online sources we like are: 

Outschool:  https://outschool.com/#abked8dtnk  Outschool offers Live Online Classes and Camps. Discover fun, social, and safe learning experiences for kids ages 3-18 led by passionate teachers, classes from $10. 

Peertopia:  https://peertopia.com/  Peertopia offers an online marketplace of digital teaching materials created by teachers. There are numerous free resources and there is no fee to buy or sell. 

Homeschool Products

Due to Covid-19, many parents are opting to homeschool their children. Now is the time to let educators know that you’re there as well as parents. Send schools a brief email informing them of homeschooling products available so that they can pass the information along to parents. If possible, head directly to parents via email or social media to keep them informed of the latest homeschool educational products available. These are extremely popular right now.

Remember That Summer Is Still Critical

Summer is a critical time for those in the education sector. This is when plans are both made and finalized for the upcoming school year. It has not changed because of the pandemic. If anything, it has made it that much more important. Educators need both your help and your products more now than ever before.

This summer, marketing is all about homeschool and technology options. If you’ve got either, keep pushing your marketing campaigns until Fall. As changes occur across the nation, more parents are opting to home school at the last minute and school districts are coming up with a future back up plans for the upcoming school year to guarantee that things run smoothly this school year.

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