K-12 Marketing: Selling To Teachers

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K-12 Marketing: Selling To Teachers

K-12 Marketing: Selling To Teachers

Businesses that are involved in k-12 marketing know that there are different products that will be sold to different levels of administration. One of those levels is the teacher. Teachers often purchase supplies for their classrooms, or they may have a budget that can be used for that. If they do not purchase the products themselves, they carry a heavyweight in the decision as to whether something should be purchased. In order to get in good with the teachers, follow these tips.

Focus On Results

Teachers are focused on the outcome of products. They want reading apps that will encourage kindergarteners to blend words together, devices that are easy to use and teaching materials that help children learn. When pitching sales to teachers, make sure to include proven results so that potential clients know that they are getting something that will help their students.

Ease of Implementation Is Important

Teachers are required to do certain things with children during the day, such as reading, math, etc. They also have to implement special education plans, re-direct hostile students and much more. Because of this, teachers simply do not have the time to spend days teaching students how to use a new material, device or app. Make sure that products are easy to implement into the classroom, and that teachers are aware of this.

Market In June

The best time to reach out to teachers is in June, or, at the latest, during the back to school rush. This is when teachers begin making lesson plans for the next year, and when schools have to spend the remainder of their budget. Businesses that wait until the middle of the school year to reach out to teachers will discover that if their product does not coordinate perfectly with materials already being used in the classroom, they will not see any sales. Timing is always key in k-12 marketing.

Email Them

As previously mentioned, teachers are busy. Kindergarten teachers might only have a spare half hour a day. This means that they have limited time for meetings during the school year. Instead of expecting to schedule a meeting with any teacher, focus k-12 marketing efforts on email campaigns for them. This will give them the opportunity to thoroughly read the email, learn about the product and reach a decision when they have time. In this scenerio, you are on their watch.


While contacting teachers, it’s important to remember how busy they are. Do not expect to hear back quickly during the school year.


K-12 marketing efforts that focus on teachers require a certain approach in order to be effective. Instead of using the same tired out campaign that was created for directors and principles, opt for a more personal approach. Create a campaign that is specifically for teachers to address their needs in the classroom. Then, launch the campaign at the perfect time to watch the sales increase. K-12 marketing campaigns specially designed for teachers take a new approach to education marketing.

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