K-12 School & District Email Lists: Don’t Forget About Direct Mail

K-12 School & District Email Lists:  Don’t Forget About Direct Mail

K-12 School & District Email Lists:  Don’t Forget About Direct Mail

School and District email list marketing has become the most popular way to reach your customers in seconds not days but don’t forget about the mail portion of our K-12 email lists. In a world where everything is digital and immediate direct mail is often pushed to the back of the marketing teams list of tasks, however, there are still many great reasons to keep this old medium involved.

Neil Patel puts together a great article that lays out the importance of sending postal pieces out to your customers, warm and cold.

“In 2016, The Data & Marketing Association reported that the direct mail customer response rate increased by 43%. Even better, the prospect response rate increased by 190% compared to 2015.”  https://neilpatel.com/blog/direct-mail-effectiveness/

For the past decade I (Charlie) would say that 96% of our customers are education email list marketers only. Even though at K12 Data, we have always included the full school and district postal addresses, along with the phone numbers.

If you are ready to dive into postal or just have a conversation reach out to your local Mailhouse, someone that can handle your mass printing and bulk mailing all under one roof. There is a lot behind the scenes when you receive a slick catalog or postcard delivered to your home or office. And you will be astounded when you relaize there is a whole world of folks in this industrry that can probably manage the whole proccess- Print-Mail-Deilvery at a price well below what you think you can bust out on your HP Printer and a wasted half day at the USPS.

When I reached out to one of my industry colleagues they suggested Colonial Press:  https://colonialpressintl.com/  and specifically reaching out to Tommy Visty who is the President/CEO. A fabulous print and letter shop firm in Omaha, NE.  His work number is 402-593-0580 x 304  dvisty@thecolonialpress.net

Email marketing is still my choice of spreading the word the minute you need to, with immediacy, and your most current idea or offers that’s hot off your team’s desk but don’t leave it dangling out there alone. Send your superintendent email list or principal email list now and let the info be interacted with and then marry that warm open with a piece of collateral via USPS that sinks the offer in.

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