K-12 School Email Marketing Lists Data: How is Your Revenue Delivered?

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K-12 School Email Marketing Lists Data:  How is Your Revenue Delivered?

K-12 School Email Marketing Lists Data:  How is Your Revenue Delivered?

This blog might seem a little off target for an education email marketing list company, but stick with me. There are 4 ways that revenue finds it’s way to the company providing goods and services- 1.  Cash:  pretty much none of us are graced with this divine form of payment and if we are, we are doing labor or soon to do time. 2. ACH/Wires:  Fabulous, however, there’s friction in terms of having your customer fill out and share banking information. 3.  The Check:  Love checks but the Net 30-90-180 isn’t always ideal. 4.  Credit Cards:  Immediate dollars in with a small fee. As a business owner I love #4.

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K12 Data’s Quality Education Email Lists - Unrivaled Quality

In 2015 I moved our company from Denver to North County San Diego. A questionable move on paper but for a native San Diegan and waterman, enduring the taxes is a tolerable option. I used PayPal as our payment solutions provider at our launch in 2012. PayPal was great. You know who else was great AT&T (in 1990-never *).

Elementary Teacher Email Marketing Lists – Think K12 Data

Here’s the thing, my favorite word is “residual” (and royalties, but I’m not David Schwimmer). There are a handful of withdrawals being made from your accounts monthly that you have all but forgotten about and you have gotten complacent. These include- mobile phone carriers, cable providers, music, Apple…and every once in a while your attention perks up with a charge for these services that makes you question your actual need for the luxury. And the bigger question when you decide to dig in; is there a better option available? In my case there was.

Contact Teachers by Email and Phone:  K12 Data

Payment Logistics https://paymentlogistics.com/ This company is it. Superb everything:  new-age tech with a platform that makes everything simple, lower costs, and support when needed by a team in La Jolla, CA. That checks a lot of boxes on my list of good companies to keep close. On top of it all the CEO became one of my closest friends. We surf Blacks, Cardiff, and some Central America every chance we get. Thank you guys for managing my payments systems for the past 6yrs.

K12 Data:  These education school email data lists and district email lists are hard to beat. With an average of a 98.5% education email deliverability rate what's not to love? If you send marketing emails to educators we have the best k-12 email lists in the market.

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