K12 Email Marketing Lists and Low Hanging Fruit

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K12 Email Marketing Lists and Low Hanging Fruit

K12 Email Marketing Lists and Low Hanging Fruit 

I have sold into the education space for over 20years. Whether it be selling for Kaplan Learning Services (https://kaplan.com/release/kaplan-k12-learning-services-partners-with-education-is-freedom-to-provide-sat-act-and-psat-prep-courses-and-materials-for-aspiring-college-students-aspiring-college-students/) or Scholastic or working for hundreds of clients to help them drive up revenue through purchasing specific contacts through our school email list and district email list databases. Getting to the right contact in the education list vertical is important and as I’ve noted we have 394 education job titles in our education database. So making the right match is easy. In terms of bringing revenue in the door quickly I have always had a simple strategy.

K-12 Data Email Lists https://k12-data.com/ 

There is low hanging fruit, which is a common term used to describe sales that can and should happen quickly and then there are backburner sales that might usually take months or a years to close. Both are extremely important for any education sales professional and the company they work for. In the education space the easiest sales in my opinion have always been selling to Private or Charter Schools. The decision-making for a purchase often can happen on the spot at the meeting. There are few barriers to navigate like the bureaucratic chain of command that happens in the public education sector. Although these sales may not be of the magnitude rev-wise, the addition of many of these smaller more frequent sales added to the pipeline help keep sales numbers in harmony and bosses happy. 

The back burner deals are those that can generally take quite a bit more time to close. These sales are to public schools, largely, higher in value. They might start at the school level and then make their way up through the district office for the final green light. These might be 410k deals or $700k deals. For these the close times are long but if you are consistently lining them up through the sales year you will harvest them later and more consistently throughout the year. 

The blend of these two sales activities is crucial in keeping the pipeline full. Whether you are searching for a principal mailing list, a superintendent mailing list, or a teacher email marketing list K12 Data is a valued resource to hundreds of companies over the past decade. Build your education email database with us. No minimum orders, unlimited use, and a 97% deliverability guarantee makes K12 Data the Simple Choice.

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