K12 Marketing Rules of Engagement

K12 Marketing Rules of Engagement

K12 Marketing Rules of Engagement

K12 marketing strategy sets the direction that aligns with business goals. Marketing tactics creates the roadmap to achieve those objectives. But nothing, nada, happens without educator engagement. Engagement is multilayered, and has to satisfy a myriad of requirements. Here are some of the notables:

Be a Storyteller 

The best marketing tells stories. Those stories are most effective when they tell how educators’ lives are improved when they use your product or service. So what’s your product’s superpower? Time savings? Ease-of-use? True adaptivity? Easy management of mixed-ability classrooms? You’ve got a great story to tell, so tell it in a way that gets heard and gains attention.

Talk from the Educator’s Perspective

The best storytelling comes from educators themselves. Whether it’s a video montage or a written case study, talk to your super-users, the ones who use your product as prescribed, understand how to use it, and have great results. Once complete, make sure those stories are readily accessible to your prospects. Also, make sure they’re easy to tap into by your sales team. They need to know they exist, and how to access and use them.

Talk About Needs

When communicating, lead with educator need. You won’t raise awareness of your product by communicating product attributes. That’s important, but save that for down the line. It’s best to show success scenarios to gain educator’s valuable attention. Show them the amazing possibilities of a world where they use your product. Through those success stories, give them as many specifics as possible. Details paint an accurate and vivid picture.

Use Multiple Touchpoints

Educator attention is spread out over varied channels, so don’t rely on a single tactic to engage them. That could potentially create some problems, particularly if you have an active sales team. Of course, all of your tactics must be integrated. It’s obvious, but having the left hand get out of sync with the right will only cause issues.

Align and Integrate with Sales

If you have a sales team, they need marketing’s help in making sure they have all the tools necessary to get the pipeline filled and business closed. It’s up to marketing to create the messaging and help get leads in the pipeline. But sales needs presentations, white papers, case studies, sell sheets, actively updated websites, product demos, and so on to further the process. And of course, you already know that both marketing and sales fail when they work in bubbles. Success is a team effort.

Always Ask for Something

Never create a marketing event without asking something from the viewer, the user, the recipient, and so on. Without a call to action, the event is a waste of time and money and effort. Marketing is part of an ongoing, stepped process. What do you want the recipient to do next? Always be clear and specific.

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