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K12 & Random Acts of Kindness.org

Piggy backing on my last blog I was again reminded of how much I enjoy the wide range of customers that we have.  Just this week we had an order placed by Random Acts of Kindness:  “make kindness the norm”.  https://www.randomactsofkindness.org/for-educators

Teacher Email Marketing Lists from K12 Data

The great thing was that I was just thinking over the 4th weekend about the last blog and how unique and interesting it is to work with such a varied audience of companies that sell into the K-12 market. 

The aforementioned company kind of caught my attention. It also made me think that I should participate in the fabulous message that is core to their business and lives and so I joined in. I thanked them for giving us their k-12 email list business and told them that their next purchase was on me.

Quality Education Data Marketing Lists

It wasn’t a huge leap for me I kind of live my life this way. It just makes you feel great and everyone involved shares that feeling. The trick is to keep it going and see if you can keep the wave moving through overt or covert acts of kindness.

Principal marketing lists and Superintendent marketing lists. K12 Data has you covered for quality education email leads that drive the results you expect. We look forward to helping your company market to into the education space.

The organization has a lot of fabulous resources to share. "All our resources for schoolshome & community & the workplace are free."

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