Keeping Your K-12 Email Database Clean

Keeping Your K-12 Email Database Clean

Keeping Your K-12 Email Database Clean

You likely have a house file of contacts that your company or organization uses for sales and marketing purposes. You might have gleaned this through sign-ups on your website, purchases, and or educational conferences. You might have also purchased a teacher email list or principal email list from a company like K12 Data. Keeping this file clean and up to date is imperative if you are going to use it within your crm and also deploy emails to it. In this short blog I would like to cover some best practices around data hygiene so that your house file remains an asset rather than an outdated burden.

Quality Teacher Email Lists from a Quality Education Database Provider

I have said many times over the years “bad data is worse than no data”. The gist is that having outdated information is not only clutter but also puts many of your outbound activities at risk. You don’t want to mail out your new catalog, which has a cost associated to it, to only have it returned. You also don’t want your email to hard bounce and put you at risk of being shut down by your ESP (Email Service Provider), both are costly.

Possibly half of the clients I have spoken to about house files over the past 14yrs don’t have a tight rein on their house file, education email list database. The conversation usually sheds light on the fact that they have accumulated a k-12 email list over the years and much of it is probably old. They are correct. The annual attrition rate on education data is roughly 21%. That means that 1/5th of the K-12 email & mail contacts in your file are no longer where you think they are.

Keeping your Principal Email Lists and Superintendent Email Lists Clean

A great way to keep your education database clean and up to date is to use it. By emailing your house file contacts through an ESP you are performing hygiene. Your ESP is actually deleting hard bounces, removing opt-outs, and keeping things fresh for you. If close to 2% is going south monthly you should be sending to your list at least once a month to stay in good graces with your deployment service and your sales team.  If you aren’t deploying to your list on a regular basis you might consider sending it out to a 3rd party verification company like Xverify:  For a ridiculously small amount they will let you import your email list (I wouldn’t send anything other than the email addresses). And verify them. This is particularly important if you haven’t used your file recently. Again, if you load your neglected education database into Mail Monkey you are probably going to get a primate smack down.

At K12 Data, we send emails to portions of Education Email Database six days per week. This ups the ante in database hygiene as sending an actual email is better than pinging the server for a response of some type. However, any regular database interaction, which leads to keeping your file clean, is beneficial. So if you are considering having the list you receive from K12 Data cleaned before you load it into your crm and ESP save your time and money because we are way ahead of you. You can feel confidence knowing that our customers see an average hard bounce rate on their first deployment of 1.5%. This is unmatched by anyone in our vertical.

Charles Isham, CEO

K12 Data Inc.

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