Marketing to Schools: Keys to a Successful Campaign

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Marketing to Schools: Keys to a Successful Campaign

Marketing to Schools: Keys to a Successful Campaign

Marketing to schools is a complex world to navigate, especially for those that are just getting their feet wet in the industry. These tips will help anyone design a successful campaign for their product, and finally get the sales that they need.

Encompass Primary and Secondary Buyers

Marketing specialists often focus on appealing to administrators. This makes sense as those are the primary buyers, but the secondary buyers must also be considered. The support of parents and teachers is vital to the success of any product, especially in the education field. To guarantee success, focus on everyone that will contribute to whether the product is purchased, not just administrators. The campaign should appeal to all of them, not just one.

Learn the Fiscal Year

Different locations often have a different time period for the fiscal year, which can have a significant impact on whether schools purchase new products. For example, marketing to a school district that is at the end of their fiscal year often proves to be unsuccessful. Schools have little to no extra funding at the end of the fiscal year. By taking the time to learn the fiscal year, marketers can ensure that the product and campaign are launched at the perfect time to ensure success.

Know the School

There are some schools that have gone paperless while other schools still use traditional textbooks. Knowing the school before pitching the presentation is essential to guarantee that no one is wasting their time. For example, a school that opts to be a paperless school will not be keen to the idea of ordering new textbooks. This school would be more interested in cheaper IPads, or other tools that can be used in the classroom that are environmentally friendlier. Take the time to learn about each school before showing up with a sales pitch.

Can the Cold Calls

Older, outdated forms of marketing are still being used across the industry. Email campaigns and cold calls are a great way to reach out to the market on a massive scale, but these tactics often yield little to no ROI. Newer, successful campaigns utilize the latest technology to market their product, including when they want to reach out to a massive audience. Helpful strategies that are seen in these campaigns include:

-        Webinars

-        Ebooks

-        Demos

-        Free trials

Free Trials are Always a Great Idea

Free trials will never go out of style. Instead, these continue to produce positive results regardless of what the product is, who the target audience is and where the potential buyer is located. Offering a limited time free trial with a few products will provide them with the opportunity to use the product, and determine if every buyer (both primary and secondary) will enjoy the product.

Marketing to schools is a market that is unlike any other. All buyers must be considered, and every school must be treated like an individual. Simultaneously, the market as a whole must also be identified. This can be complicated, but digital agencies and blogs with tips for success are always helpful.

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