More Tips For K-12 Marketing During The Pandemic

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More Tips For K-12 Marketing During The Pandemic

More Tips For K-12 Marketing During The Pandemic

There are a few older strategies that marketers need to be careful of, and some strategies that those in the K-12 marketing sector need to completely avoid. The pandemic is a sensitive time for the education sector, and K-12 marketing styles can easily result in gaining new clients or losing clients that have stood by your side for years to come. Follow these tips to make sure that your K-12 marketing strategies are successful.

Re-Learn The School’s Situation

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Schools all have their own unique situation. This is especially true during the pandemic. K-12 marketing teams will need to take the time to reach out to current clients. Don’t consider this a cold call or an opportunity to sell something. Instead, speak with top educators to learn how the school is handling the pandemic, what the school year will look like for students, and then inquire as to how your company can again provide assistance. 

After this phone call, companies can follow up with an email regarding products or solutions to problems that the schools are facing. By understanding the situation at the school and taking a genuine approach to help, K-12 marketing teams are setting themselves up for future sales and showing schools that they care.

Avoid Sales Pitches

Yes, schools are in need of technology, products, and help to transition to the new normal. However, you might ease into the conversation by asking how the are and what their needs are rather than diving right into your pitch. They are likely half beaten down trying to keep up with every-day-changes. See what you can do to help them run their school more efficiently thus saving their team time. Being there and being successful during these challenging times should help solidify a relationship for years to come.

Slay The Demo

A demo is not going to take place in a board room anymore, but it’s still important to make it memorable. If you are using a new platform for the first time, make sure that you know how to use it. Have a backup device in case one fails. If you wind up doing a demo with a child in the background, there’s no harm in including them. Let your kid play with a new app to show how user friendly it is or have a demo with a toddler on your shoulders! Most people are very understanding that everyone is working from home.

Lean On Referrals

Referrals that were made by word of mouth are wonderful in the K-12 marketing sector. Most educators are more likely to purchase products if they are recommended by a friend at another school. This can easily make sales for a company. Try to offer incentives for referrals to help encourage people to spread the word about new products.

The Covid-19 pandemic brings unique challenges to schools, teachers, and those that are in the K-12 marketing business alike. However, by learning how to approach sales and re-learning about current clients, all businesses in the education sector can help each other make it through these times.

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