Nuances in Email Marketing: The Latest Trends

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Nuances in Email Marketing: The Latest Trends

Nuances in Email Marketing: The Latest Trends

Email marketing remains a popular way to establish client leads, engage with existing clients and inform subscribers of new products. Because of this, it is one of the most popular strategies utilized in K-12 education marketing. As technology continues to advance and more studies are conducted, there have been several changes to these campaigns that are now considered a necessity for success.

Conversational Tone

Now, digital marketers know that when they use a conversational tone it leads to a better business relationship with clients. Clients trust the person behind the screen, and they are more likely to invest their time or money into working with the company. The days of a professional, business tone is slowly dwindling in the K-12 sector.


When potential clients receive an email in a conversational tone, they are more likely to open it. When they receive one that is personalized, they are more likely to respond to it. Instead of all your hard work winding up in the spam folder, it will be read. When businesses send personalized communication that did not come from a template, they will enjoy more clients leads and a successful campaign.

Businesses can send personalized emails from a list of leads even if they have not met the person yet. A simple online search will often reveal a person’s LinkedIn profile, which can be used to get to know more about a person and business. Those in the K-12 marketing sector can utilize public information about a school to personalize their efforts, too. The extra time and thought put into personal emails are usually well worth it.

Loyalty Programs

Now more than ever loyalty programs are the way to go. More companies utilize businesses that offer them a loyalty program, and every company with an online business knows it. Popular loyalty programs that can be used in K-12 education marketing include:

  • Customers can receive cash back when spending a certain amount
  • Free products, or gifts, with a certain purchase
  • Free trials
  • Exclusive deals for returning customers
  • Earn points for every dollar spent that can be used for future purchases

Customers like to save money, and loyalty programs help them do just that. Now, businesses in the K-12 sector are starting to utilize those same rewards programs for a higher client retention rate.

Respect Client’s Privacy

Today, more and more people are concerned with data breaches and their personal information being shared, especially those that conduct business online. Modern businesses are acknowledging that fear and using it to gain new clients. They are offering their potential clients a guarantee that they will not share their personal information with any other company, and they are seeing results with their K-12 campaigns.

Email marketing campaigns are no longer spam emails sent to thousands of people that contain the exact same content. Modern digital marketing agencies know that the world is changing, and these campaigns must change with it. Now, they are about the client. They are personalized. They are conversational. More than anything, they are successful.

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