Optimize Your K-12 Website for More Email Success

Optimize Your K-12 Website for More Email Success

Optimize Your K-12 Website for More Email Success

Most schools know that optimizing their website for search engine optimization makes it easier to get found online.

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Many K-12 institutions don’t realize that they also need to optimize their posts and pages to encourage families to sign up for their school email list.

Here are some of the best ways to optimize a K-12 website to successfully achieve the conversion rates that help your email lists grow.

1. Use a Formal Landing Page

Magic doesn’t happen because families reach your district’s website. There should be relevant information available that leads people to sign up for their preferred school email list.

With a formal landing page, you can offer families access to ungated information about your district. Once they’ve seen what you can provide, the content can lead them to any or all of the following options. [[1]]

§  A principal email list for each school.

§  The superintendent email list for direct communication.

§  A high school email list for curriculum updates.

§  The middle school email list for athletics, extracurricular activities, and more.

By offering valuable content on a formal landing page, your families will be more likely to sign up for the school email list that makes the most sense for their needs.

2. Incorporate More Visual Elements

People respond well to visual content. Adding images to any communication effort results in a 650% increase in the engagement rate compared to a text-only page. [[2]]

When families want to get to know a school, they want to see it. Try to incorporate images of the students, examples of different classrooms, and videos of the various extracurricular activities available.

Instead of using stock images, invest in the time to generate original ideas that reflect each school. This content resource creates an excellent chance to boost your district email list conversion rate.

3. Use a Call to Action

Some schools see the idea of a call to action as a marketing effort for small businesses. It’s also an effective tool when building a K-12 email list.

People stop interacting with websites because they lose direction. A call to action tells each visitor how to have a successful experience when they’re ready to proceed to the next step.

You’re giving them a push in the right direction when the goal is to get them to sign up for a school email list. [[3]]

It doesn’t need to be a complicated design element. A simple sentence gets the job done! “Click here to sign up for our school district email list.”

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4. Create a Personal Experience

School emails are more effective when they contain personal information. You can target K-12 families through several demographics, ranging from their interests to their location in your community.

The same principle applies to website optimization for school email list conversions. Your families want to see an authentic educational institution that listens to its community. You'll be more likely to build a list if you can provide that result on each post and page. [[4]]

Far too often, schools use generalized content that feels instructional. There’s an expectation that someone should sign up for an email list because of the status of being an educational institution. If you want to reach the most people, personalize the communication as much as possible. [[5]]

Optimizing a K-12 website should include SEO, but it also needs to focus on email list building. When you can do both, it’ll be much easier to streamline your communication. 

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