Principal Email Lists: How to Plan for a Better Interaction

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Principal Email Lists: How to Plan for a Better Interaction

Principal Email Lists: How to Plan for a Better Interaction

When the messages sent to your principal email lists consider the schedule demands for this position, you’ll receive a better response rate. Most people will click on items when they’re at the computer to take care of school issues.

You want to put your email into that principal’s inbox when they’re already looking at that spot.

In the United States, most building principals have varied start and end times to their shifts. Understanding this schedule variation ensures that you can send or schedule your messages appropriately. [[1]]

  • Most elementary schools start the day between 8-9 AM and end between 3-4 PM.
  • Intermediate and middle schools typically start between 7:30-8 AM and end before 3:30 PM.
  • High schools can start as early as 7 AM, but some might not start until 9 AM. That means your end time can be somewhere between 2:30-4:30 PM.

Most Principals Arrive an Hour Early

Although every principal has a unique routine, most people who hold this position come to the school about an hour early each day. That gives them the time they need to focus on the day, catch up on work, and get ready for the first bell. [[2]]

Most principals use that time to ensure nothing is pending from the day before. Unfinished business is usually the priority. If everything works as it should, there’s enough time to review and respond to emails from the previous evening.

The truth is that the hour before school can get chaotic. There can be a line of students at staff at the office door, all wanting “a minute” of their time that turns into a half-hour. [[3]]

Putting your principal email list messages into that mix makes it more likely that your information gets missed.

When Is the Best Time to Email a Principal?

If you’re having trouble with open or conversion rate growth on your principal email lists, it’s likely because your delivery isn’t matching up with the correct time. [[4]]

In theory, early mornings might seem like the right time, but it’s much easier to disregard a non-critical message. If you’re sending notes at the end of the day, they’ll be pushed off until the following day.

You need to make your mail count, so it helps to send messages before 10 AM local time each day. The other option you can choose is to deliver an email in the afternoon when most issues have been handled already.

Late-night emails make sure your message is in the morning queue. That doesn’t guarantee a review, especially if multiple issues develop that day.

Although a principal’s day is never really over, you can maximize the impact of your marketing efforts by timing the messages to your educational email list to coincide with the best chance to be seen. [[5]]

If your efforts still aren’t succeeding, it might be worth investigating contacts with teachers or administrators in that school because some principals barely have a second to breathe – much less read an email.






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