Tips for optimizing your Thank You page

Tips for optimizing your Thank You page


 After a buyer has used an opt-in form or purchased something from your website, he/she is usually directed to another page known as the “thank you” page. This page should never be neglected. If you do, you might be neglecting new leads and recent buyers as well. These two are the most valuable visitors to any website, but their experience determines whether they will come back again or not. 

Just like any other web page, a thank you page can be optimized to get the most from it. You can optimize it to add more purchase value for users too. There are many ways you can do this and add more value to your business.

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 This is one unique part of your thank you page. It informs the user that the last action was a success. You will have to spell it out for your website users in order not to leave them confused or disoriented. A simple “thank you for the order” or “your order was successful” is all you need to do to reassure them that they are right on track. This should be followed by a single line of information explaining what will happen next or what the user should do next. 


After informing your users about the success of their action and what will happen next, you will need to take your thank you page to another level by fusing in a powerful call-to-action. A straightforward CTA will motivate your users to take the next step in the selling process. However, this is one thing most thank you pages lack, and when you add it strategically, it could mean all the difference regarding sales and conversions.


After subscribing or making a purchase there is a psychological factor that makes users crave for satisfaction and valid reasons that make them feel good about their purchase. Consumers like to reflect on what they have purchased and to know that they made a great choice. This is where you should give them the platform to share their positive experience in doing business with you. And don’t forget, there is a lot of “social currency” in sharing the “great deal or super product” that they received. We all love to talk about the deal we got or the spectacular service we received. Give your customers a launch pad to share their experience with their friends and colleagues right there in the thank you email. A good way to do this is to add social share buttons to encourage them to spread the word about the offer they signed up for. 

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