Top 6 Mistakes Marketers Make

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Top 6 Mistakes Marketers Make

Top 6 Mistakes Marketers Make

Every year, companies spend thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns, but these same companies usually make a few mistakes that wind up costing them money and/or success. These are some of the most common mistakes that we’ve seen in the marketing world.

Not Identifying the Appropriate Target Audience

Not identifying the appropriate target audience can make the entire marketing campaign a dud. This will result in thousands of dollars and time wasted because the message will reach uninterested people. The target audience is one of the most important parts of the marketing plan. Make sure to double check research and statistics to guarantee that your information is accurate.

Only Using One Channel or Platform

Limited marketing funds often lead to smaller marketing campaigns, but this drastically limits the potential outreach. Social media platforms are free or cheap, and there are plenty of them available. Instead of using one channel, such as email or social media, combine as many of them as possible to reach the largest number of people.

Non-Relevant Content

When a person clicks on a link or an ad, they want to see content that is related to the product. Marketers make the mistake of expanding their content to cover a range of interests of the target audience in an effort to attract more people. For example, moms may be the primary target audience for a new line of diapers. The content may then be expanded to include things like recipes, crafts, decorating tips, etc. This will draw more people to the website, but the irrelevant content will result in no purchases being made.

Limiting Possibilities for Customer Engagement

Companies that restrict the channels and platforms that they use limit the possibilities that their customers have to engage with them. When customers do not engage with the company, they are less likely to remain loyal to the brand. Marketers can avoid this common mistake by utilizing several platforms that their target audience is known to use. They can:

-        Respond promptly to emails

-        Use various social media platforms

-        Offer forums on their website

-        Have videos on YouTube

Ignoring Market Trends

Market trends are always changing and should never be ignored. Often, marketers use tried and true methods, but these will be ineffective if they go against market trends. Before developing a marketing plan, research marketing the current trends to guarantee that the marketing plan coordinates with them.

Not Monitoring Progress

Monitoring progress is the only way that marketers can determine if tactics used are successful. Every aspect of a marketing plan should be evaluated to determine progress, and to determine which methods are successful. For example, if a product is only selling in one geographic location that should be documented. This will let marketers know that they can put more effort into marketing to this location, and less where their efforts are being wasted. This helps reduce losses and encourages growth.

Marketing is the key to success for any business or product. When companies avoid these common mistakes, they will see an increase in loyal customers, profits and they will be able to reduce the losses that many companies have due to unsuccessful marketing campaigns.

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